What is Stem cell Banking: Here’s what you need to know

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stem cells banking in India

Filling an open electric plug circuit, a sharp edge or making your house child friendly is on your mind. You are expecting a new member in your family. You are worried about your baby’s safety. It is actually a good practice. So, what if you can give something really life-saving to your kid. Yes, by this extra cautious notification we mean stem cell banking for your kid.

What is stem cell banking?

The procedure takes blood from the umbilical cord at birth and stores it for a fee in a private blood bank. (Public banks are another option – see below.) Because this blood is rich in stem cells — cells that have the ability to transform into just about any human cell — it could someday be used as treatment if your child ever became ill with certain diseases. It might also be useful for a sick sibling or relative. Banking cord blood is a way of preserving potentially life-saving cells that usually get thrown away after birth.

But is banking worth it for most people? The banks argue that it’s a form of “insurance” in case your children ever get sick. However, many medical associations don’t support the practice for most people. They say that possible benefits are too remote to justify the costs. So the important thing is to make an informed choice. You need to know the benefits and costs of cord blood banking before you make any decisions.

Why do I need stem cell banking?

Some people (usually children and, sometimes, adults of small size) with certain diseases — like leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, and others – can be injected with these HPC stem cells to replenish their blood supply with new, healthy cells. The stem cells can also help the body recover from some cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

No one debates that cord blood cells can be lifesaving. Cord blood is a proven, effective source of blood-forming stem cells for people with certain diseases.

According to the Institute of Medicine, HPCs have saved more than 20,000 lives in the U.S. in recent years, although the majority are from bone marrow transplants rather than cord blood. There have only been about 6,000 reported cord blood transplants.

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