CyberKnife – A Modern Method of Treating Cancer & Tumors

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Are you scared of Cancer Surgery?  Can you Imagine Cancer surgery without a cut, bleeding, and pain?

Yes! It is possible. This excellent painless solution is now available in the form of Bloodless CyberKnife, which gives new hope of Successful treatment to millions of cancer patients throughout the world.

CyberKnife is the most advanced achievements of High-Tech Medical Research, which replaces the traditional (surgical) treatments for cancer. It’s a unique Medical Device that combines Radiation, Robotics, and Computer Navigation to kill cancer.

An important advantage of cancer treatment using the CyberKnife system is its accuracy of the delivery of radiation beams to the tumor. This means that healthy tissues are not affected and patients take less recovery time. It comes as new rays of hope to many patients throughout the world, whose tumors were deemed inoperable or extremely difficult for surgical intervention.

Advantages of CyberKnife treatment for patients –

  • No pain
  • No cut
  • No bleeding
  • No Anaesthesia
  • No craniotomy;
  • No rigid fixing frame for the head
  • No recovery time
  • Immediate return to normal activity

Cyberknife Surgery in India has been used successfully to treat both:

  1. Malignant and
  2. Benign tumors; located anywhere in the body including the spinal cord, brain, spine, lung, prostate, pancreas, kidneys, and liver.

The duration of Cyberknife treatment In India takes very little time hence patients return faster to their normal life and save both; the treatment cost and time. The most experienced Doctors and Medical Staff of the CyberKnife Centres in India are the new hope for many patients with the latest treatment technology.

HBG Medical Assistance, India’s largest Medical Assistance Company in association with world-class Indian hospitals provides comprehensive medical services at low cost to international patients for CyberKnife and other treatments in India. To avail of a free consultation, just mail your query and medical reports at [email protected] and soon our medical experts contact you and guide you about the procedures to get the treatment done in India.


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