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Treatment of Auto Immune Diseases

What is Auto Immune disease?

Our immune system generally protects our body against viruses and pathogens but in this disease, our own immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. If left untreated, it eventually results in inflammation and a series of other diseases.

Ayurvedic approach of Auto Immune disease

When the cells are covered with toxins (Ama), there is lack of cellular communication/recognition which results in inflammation. Toxins (Ama) is caused by lack of digestive strength or fire (Agni) and weak immunity (Ojas). Hence Ayurveda treatment focuses on re-establishing Agni and Ojas.

Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for Auto Immune Disease

After thorough examination of finding the root cause of the disease the line of treatment is decided.

Some of the treatment modules are followed at our Ayurveda Hospitals are –

  • Massage with Medicated Oils or Snehana – Medicated herbal oil is applied to the entire body with a particular type of massage that helps the toxins to move towards the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Induced Sweating or Swedana – Means to sweat or perspire. An herbal concoction may be added to the steam to further loosen the toxins from the individual. 
  • Detoxification or Panchakarma therapy – All the accumulated toxins through snehana and swedana are further removed from the body by Panchakarma.
  • Medical Management or Rasayana – Certain herbal medications are prescribed according to the condition of the individual to restore the vitality and strength.

Ayurvedic medication supported with all therapies is to bring the natural order or re-create the natural balance in our immunity so that our own immunity does not attack our own cells. The medications are used to balance the cell regeneration process to produce more or healthy and immunity cells. The detoxification allows the toxic cells and toxins that create toxic cells to be excreted. The medicated oils give strength to body and muscles to achieve the balance. 

It is recommended to spend few days at an Ayurveda Hospital which is best in India for treatment for multiple reasons –

  • One would get rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The ambience in an Ayurveda institute is healing.
  • There is a nature’s touch in the infrastructure which doesn’t make you feel you are in a Hospital.
  • The activities and practices can be best experienced at the institutes.
  • The institutes take complete care of your health and wellbeing.

HBG Medical Assistance provides you with the best Ayurveda Institute options for the treatment to give you the best healing experience.

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