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Metabolic Surgery for treatment of Diabetes in India

Diabetes is curable by metabolic surgery and is also an affordable option available for the treatment of Diabetes in India. It might sound more like a jargon, but this is the most recent update in the medical discovery. It is a story of yesteryear when Type-2 diabetes treatment was synonymous to suppressing it by medication or diet. Balancing blood sugar level was also one more focus in the earlier diabetes treatments. But with metabolic surgery you can say goodbye to diabetes.

Good news!! Type-2 Diabetes has a cure

Whoa!! You read it right. Diabetes has a cure! And the surgery process is named as “metabolic surgery”. The specification with the surgery is that people with Type-2 diabetes have a higher chance of getting more success from it. The metabolic surgery is though a new phenomenon it is getting popular in its own sphere. Metabolic surgery is used to describe the surgical process to treat Type-2 diabetes.

Type-2 Diabetes : your insulin is fooling around

Type -2 diabetes is the condition where your body is secreting less insulin to control your blood sugar level. Or your body is secreting insulin but the reception rate of your body is very low. Type-2 diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes. Without proper treatment diabetes can cause havoc in a person by leading to blindness, kidney failure, cardiac failure and heart stroke.

Metabolic surgery can cure my Type-2 diabetes, but when?

  •  If your BMI is lesser than 35 then there is no doubt that your condition is just appropriate for the metabolic surgery. Around 86% of remission of your diabetes mellitus can be done by the metabolic surgery and your death rate can be decreased by 89%.
  • If your BMI is 30-35 and you are obese with many medical complications then you should immediately go for metabolic surgery.

Focus of metabolic surgery

The main focus of a metabolic surgery is to handle your hormone, which is responsible for balancing blood sugar level in your body. Post the metabolic surgery gut secretes several hormones like insulin, incretins that balance several actions in your body. Controlling your blood sugar level is one among them.

Result of the metabolic surgery

The after life of the metabolic surgery is really enjoyable. Due to a narrow stomach tube the metabolism rate decreases which leads to less intake of food. Less intake of food generally derives lesser calories, which is a really good sign for Type-2 diabetes. And the result is a diabetes free life ahead!

Metabolic surgery in India, a diabetes free life

Looking for a low cost metabolic surgery? India is offering you much larger spectrum other than a world-class treatment made affordable. Metabolic surgery cost in India is much cheaper and highly accessible. Next time give a try to this amazing treatment in India and get a healthy you!

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