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“India Picking Up Medical Travel Again: 2021”

“India Opens Gradually for Medical Travel”

Medical tourism

India has initiated to open its boundary for patients from aboard. Slowly, but gradually patients from overseas have started to plan their travel to India. Though there are some additional requirements Indian hospitals and Indian Medical Travel companies are assisting the patients to overcome all hurdles.

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Medical tourism to heritage of india


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Factors Influencing Medical Tourism in India

With the rising popularity of the medical tourism sector, India has been inspiring the world by attracting patients viz medical tourists from all around the world, and offering medical services at an affordable cost.

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Medical healthcheckup

India Among Top Medical Tourism Destinations

As medical travel is booming thus every developed and/or developing country is putting their steps in this sector. India is playing an important role in Medical travel

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     Medical Travel: A New Era of Healthcare and Tourism

Medical travel, a word now widespread can be defined as people who travel across the countries in search of medical aid or treatment. This sector is having two lively segments:

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