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Is Surgery the only option for Severe Back Pain or can pain be treated without surgery?

The answer is a clear No. Spine Surgery is recommended only in cases where the other therapies have failed to deliver pain relief.

Symptoms Backache can be a disaster in a person’s life. Not only he has to fight the constant pain, weakness in the body, radiating pain in the legs, difficulty in sleeping, and of course a very difficult morning, there are other issues that people don’t usually talk about including, erectile issues, urine inconsistency, and irregular bowel movements.

More than often, when an MRI is done, it will read as disc protrusion, disc bulge, disc degenerative disease, or disc herniation. The doctor would raise a red flag to declare that you need urgent surgery. But with our experience of handling patients coming in from all over the world for spine treatment in India, we can comfortably say, a person would need surgery in only 1 out of 10 cases.

If you have been having pain in your lower back or in cervical pain which is radiating in the limbs, this definitely may not be a simple spasm and may not go away only with rest. It is advised that you must visit a physiotherapist, take prescribed pain killers and if possible take a massage from a trained therapist. However, these rehabilitation processes are not a quick fix and may need 4-6 weeks before showing some relief. But surely if done diligently along with making adequate lifestyle changes, you may avoid surgery for a very long time.

Spine Surgery may be advised if the disc has herniated beyond recovery and the nerves are compressed to an extent that they can’t be decompressed without surgical intervention. But even then, we have come across patients who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. For them, we have recommended Ayurveda treatments. And 7 out of 10 patients have gone back to normal life without surgery. The non-surgical spine treatments have worked wonderfully well for most of our patients. 

And finally, for those who have needed surgery, we ensure that one of our best spine surgeons takes charge and delivers a successful surgery for permanent relief from this constant pain. Most of the time, this surgery is done using an endoscope and with a minimally invasive technique. The recovery from such surgeries is very fast, wounds heal extremely early and there is almost no side effect. As these surgeries are done using a neuro-navigation technique, the chances of the surgery going wrong is almost none. 

The modalities of spine surgery depend from case to case. At the bottom of the process, it remains a spinal decompression surgery. But these days it is also known as TLIF or Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody fusion surgery if the approach is taken through the foramina. It is known as PLIF or posterior Lumber Interbody fusion if the approach is through the posterior.

A good surgeon can deliver the surgical results to 100% satisfaction and one can go back to very normal life within few days of the surgery. At HBG Medical Assistance, we have handled over 2000 spine cases and have witnessed a success rate of 99%+.

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