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Obesity and Weight Reduction Treatment in Ayurveda

Obesity and Weight Reduction Treatment in Ayurveda

Overweight is dangerous, not only because everyone wants to look good and be healthy but because obesity can give rise to many health hazards. Also, having too much fat, especially belly fat can make a person look out of shape. In terms of health, excess fat on the abdomen is dangerous. It can lead to excess blood sugar, cholesterol build-up, and heart problems. Even children are becoming obese due to unhealthy lifestyles.

According to Ayurveda, being overweight or underweight is due to an imbalance of the natural functions of our body. An imbalance can occur regardless of how much or how little food you eat. 

Improper digestion or improper metabolism (also known as Pitta Dosha), gives rise to the accumulation of excess tissue in our body (also known as Kapha Dosha)  is the root of the problem. 

When Kapha is imbalanced, the heavy characteristics of the Earth and Water elements become exaggerated. These people will suffer from poor digestion, as a result, food is not processed properly, which can result in weight gain or obesity. People having such issues have trouble absorbing nutrients. Weight gain results when they attempt to eat more sweet and oily foods to calm their Vata imbalance.

Ayurveda Treatments at a good Ayurveda institute including washing away excess fats, accumulated toxins, and putting the natural procedural balances back, help us lose weight naturally. Ayurveda has a multidimensional approach for weight management. First doctors at Ayurveda Hospital will diagnose your Prakriti (body type) and your Dosha imbalances. Then, they will prescribe proper herbs, therapies, and massages to reduce fat cells in the body and promote proper metabolism.

Ayurveda Treatment for Obesity includes-

    1. Dexification using Panchkara – During this process, the toxins accumulated in our body are washed out. The metabolic areas are cleaned up and extra fats accumulated within our body are excreted. Besides reducing cellulite and subcutaneous fat, Panchakarma therapies also nourish the skin and remove body odour.
    2. Dry deep tissue massage (Mardanam and Udwarthanam):- Deep dry massage (Mardanam) along with massage with the Triphala and Musta herbal powders (Udwarthanam) push out excess fats accumulated within our tissues. Once the fat is pushed out, it is then excreted through the normal excretion process. . The Udvartana therapy is the most common Ayurvedic treatment recommended to cure obesity where herbal powders (in the form of oils or dry powders) are used to remove the blockages and stiffness of the body. Medicated oils along with other herbs are used to reduce the fat tissue and maintain the softness of the skin. This herb and oil paste opens the pores, removes vessel blockages, increases tissue heat, and stimulates fat metabolism.
    3. Abhyangam therapy with specific oils followed by a steam bath is recommended. Special herbs are used in the steam bath. The increased level of toxins, along with excess liquids accumulated within the tissues is removed by means of profuse sweating.  The steam also allows the herbal paste to penetrate deeper into the body.
    4. Medicated Enema (Basti):-  Medicated enema is recommended as per the body constitution, as prescribed by an Ayurvedic expert and this constitutes a very important part of the treatment of obesity. An enema prepared with oil and fat, which are sharp properties eliminates toxins and correct fat metabolism without vitiating other body processes. 
    5. Two yoga sessions per day, along with Pranayama (breathing exercises) and brisk walks on the campus can burn extra calories and rid your body of muscular tension and the feeling of heaviness. Meditation helps to calm your mind.

    The above-mentioned treatment plan is the general Weight Management Therapy for a normal healthy person. However, our doctors will have to check your medical history and diagnose your present health condition before finalizing the treatment plan that is right for you.

    Overweight is indicative of a disorder of Metabolic Processes not being normal. An unhealthy Metabolism can give rise to a host of other medical issues such as gastric ulcers, diabetes, back pain, joint pain, or even cancers. 

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