Treatment of Severe Gastritis in Ayurveda

What is Gastritis?

Chronic or Severe Gastritis is a medical condition where there is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis inflammation is generally associated with a similar bacterium which is the source of most stomach ulcers.

Ayurveda and Gastritis

According to Ayurveda, severe gastritis is an “Urdhvaga Amlapitta Roga”. Which primarily arises due to aggravation of metabolic disorder or pitta dosha. Improper dietary habits affect the fire in the stomach, causing it to produce more toxins or acid and secrete more digestive enzymes, resulting in gastritis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Severe Gastritis –

Cure of gastritis with Authentic Ayurveda:

  1. Abhyanga – It involves the application of herbs or a combination of medications on the whole body or on the affected part, depending upon the condition of the individual. Especially whole body massage with Chandana oil and lakshadi oil is recommended for gastritis problems. This stimulates immunity and prevents gastritis.
  2. Vamana – It involves the administration of medicated herbs to induce vomiting. Vamana is one of the Panchakarma therapy. This step removes all toxins from the stomach and thus helps in cleansing the stomach. It also eliminates extra Kapha from the body.
  3. Virechana –This involves the use of herbs or a combination of herbs and ayurvedic medicines for gastritis to induce purgation. It removes excessive amla and mucus from the GI tract and thus improves digestion. 
  4. Medication Protocol (Rasayana) – It is a combination of medicinal herbs, specific diets, tonics in specific dosages to heal the damaged muscle tissues to support the healing of the body.

Treatment at Our best Ayurveda Institute:

Ayurveda has proven to have the most effective treatment for Severe Gastritis. HBG Medical Assistance is empanelled with India’s best Ayurveda Institute. 

It is suggested to spend 7-10 days at Best Ayurveda Hospital for the treatment aimed at many reasons:

  • Ayurveda institutes are not just structured in terms of healing but also helps is a speedy recovery. 
  • The positive environment and nature’s touch give you immense joy.
  • One can feel a peaceful mind state in Ayurveda hospital
  • When you are in hospital doctors take complete care of your health.
  • An Authentic Ayurveda Institute delivers the best quality therapeutic approach which rejuvenates your body system completely with no side effects.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines, some dietary changes, and therapies reduce stomach acid and ease out symptoms of gastritis and after completion of treatment, one can be permanently be cured of gastritis. 

Severe Gastritis is indicative of a disorder of Metabolic Processes not being normal. An unhealthy Metabolism can give rise to a host of other medical issues such as gastric ulcers, diabetes, back pain, joint pain, or even cancers. 

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