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Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

mitral valve replacement

About Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

Mitral valve repair is a cardiac surgery procedure performed by cardiac surgeons to treat stenosis (narrowing) or regurgitation (leakage) of the mitral valve.

Mitral valve replacement is a cardiac surgical procedure in which patient’s diseased mitral valve is replaced by either a mechanical or bioprosthetic valve. Mitral valve replacement is performed when the valve becomes too tight (mitral valve stenosis) for blood to flow into the left ventricle, or too loose (mitral valve regurgitation) in which case blood can leak back into the left atrium and thereby back into the lung.

Mitral Valve Replacement surgery is usually an open heart surgery procedure. The surgery is performed by cardiothoracic surgeons. Some of the Surgeon are as listed below. Sometimes, it is not necessary to replace the valve and in such a case only a repair procedure with a different prosthesis is carried out. It is called Mitral Valve Repair Procedure. The choice of the procedure depends upon the condition of the Valve. 

Before Taking to surgery all investigations including ECHO, ECG and an Angiography is done to confirm the need of surgery. 

The other valve replacements done in India are Aortic Valve Replacement, Tricuspid Valve Replacement and Pulmonary Valve Replacement.  

The procedure is safe if done by an experienced doctor at a good cardiac centre. Some of the good Hospitals for Mitral Valve Replacement are – 

Apollo Hospital

Jaypee Hospital

KD Hospital

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

Aster Hospital 

Artemis Hospital

Jaslok Hospital

Treating Doctors
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Dr. A Nagesh
Experience in Years
14 Years
Dr. Ajay Kaul
Dr. Anvay Mulay
Experience in Years
30 Years
Dr. Ashok Gupta
Experience in Years
28 Years
Dr. Bhaskar B. V.
Experience in Years
10 Years
Dr. Dhananjay Malankar
Experience in Years
9 Years
Dr. Naresh Trehan
Experience in Years
35 Years
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