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Best Organ Transplant doctors in India

Organ Transplants include Kidney transplant, Liver Transplant, Heart Transplant, and Lung Transplants. The difference is in Kidney Transplant and Liver Transplant, we need a living donor and it is called a living donor transplant. In Heart and Lung Transplant, we will need a matching cadaver to do the transplant and it is called a cadaver transplant. For Organ Transplant in India, though the living donor transplants can be done immediately, it takes time to find out a matching cadaver donor and thus the Heart and Lung Transplant takes time to take place and for some patients, in absence of a matching donor, may not eventually take place. 

Here is a list of the Best Transplant Surgeons in India

Best Surgeon for Kidney Transplant – 

  1. Dr. Vijaya Rajkumari –

    Dr. Vijaya Rajkumari or Dr. Viji from Apollo Hospital as she is popularly known as, works at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. She has been trained in Edinburg for Kidney Transplants surgeries and she has an experience of over 19 years of doing Kidney Transplants in India. She has a large fan following in African nations such as Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania with many successfully done Kidney Transplants.

    She is undoubtedly one of the Best Kidney Transplant Surgeons in India. To read more about Kidney Transplants in India, click here.

    To read more about Dr. Vijaya Rajkumari, click here.  
  1. Dr. Sandeep Guleria-

    Dr. Sandeep Guleria has been crowned with the fact of doing first ever cadaveric kindly transplant in India with Kidneys harvested from a brain dead donor. Dr. Sandeep Guleria has been trained in England for his Renal Transplant expertise and has been practicing in India for over 2 decades now. Dr. Guleria has a one of the largest series of Renal Transplants in India to his name. He is based in Apollo hospitals in New Delhi.

    Dr. Sandeep is one of the Best Renal Transplant Surgeons in India. To read more about Renal Transplants, click here.

    To read more about Dr. Sandeep Guleria click here.
  1. Dr. Sanjay Gogoi –

    Dr. Sanjay Gogoi has a huge experience of doing Kidney Transplants across hospitals in India. Currently, he is based at Manipal Hospitals in New Delhi. Till date he has done over 1000 Renal Transplants having worked with many hospitals in Indian and abroad. His 5 year survival rate is an example to be quoted. The success of a Kidney Transplant is counted with survival rates and his is quite good. 

    Dr. Sanjay Gogoi is one of the best Living Organ Transplant surgeon in India. To read more about Organ Transplants in India, Click here.

    To read more about Dr. Sanjay Gogoi, kindly click here

Best Surgeon for Liver Transplants

  1. Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary –

    Dr. Abhideep is a humble yet an energetic Liver Transplant Surgeon. He is based at BLK Hospitals in New Delhi. Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary has been trained in USA for Liver Transplant. He is one of the top Liver Transplant Surgeon in India today expert in Living Donor transplants. He is also amongst the few organ transplants surgeons who has been regularly doing unmatched transplants. He has a decade of experience backing him with over 800 transplants done and assisted till date.

    Undoubtedly, Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary is one of the Best Liver Transplant Surgeons in India today. To know more about Living donor Liver Transplant Surgery in India, click here. 

    To know more about Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, click here.
  1. Dr. Giriraj Bora –

    Dr. Girirak Bora has been credited with starting the Liver Transplant Program in state of Rajasthan in India. Dr. Giriraj is a home grown transplant surgeon and currently practices at Artemis Hospitals in India. Dr. Giriraj Bora has a big set of patients coming in from Central Asian Countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and from Arabic Speaking countries such as Iraq and Yemen. Dr. Bora is a gentleman doctor and serves all his patients with human touch.

    Dr. Giriraj Bora is one of the Top Surgeons in India for Liver Transplant today. To know more about liver transplants in India, click here

    To Know more about Dr. Giriraj Bora, click here.  

Other Doctors for Transplant in India –

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need to bring your own donor for a kidney transplant. Click here – To get more information about Kidney Transplant in India.

Yes, you will need to bring your own donor for Liver Transplant. Click here to get more information about Liver Transplant in India.

To get a heart transplant in India, you need to come and register yourself for the heart transplant program. Depending upon the availability of donor’s hearts, you will be offered a heart transplant in India. Click here to read more about heart transplant in India.

Yes, we are doing Lung Transplant for COVID Induced Lung Failure in India. But it is subjected to a long queue. Till the time you get a donor lung, the doctors will manage your condition in the hospital. Click here to Know more about Lung Transplant in India.

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