Treatment of Refractive Error (Eye Disorder)

What is Refractive Error? 

The refractive Error is a type of vision problem that happen when the shape of the eye keeps you focusing well. Common type of refractive error are near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Also diseases like Diabetic’s mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which it involves small blood vessels and causing damage to tissues, including the eye optic refractive error.

Ayurveda for Refractive Error-

In the Ayurveda, the refractive error include the group of disease which can be corrected by refractive correction i.e. using the glasses or contact lens. It is a most common cause of vision of impairment in children and young adults. The treatment which is performed in Ayurveda for refractive error will be non-surgical manner.

Similarly, Ayurveda also helps us treat Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Retinal Neuropathy

Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for refractive Error-

Ayurveda has a rejuvenating medicine and herbs help to neutralize effects over eyes like strengthening eye muscles, making lens material elastic and correcting the refractive error. Eye exercise and ayurvedic treatment help us supportive in correcting refractive error.

  1. Pouring Medicines in Optic Cavity or Nethradhara-It is a treatment in which the pouring of liquid medicine (Kashayam) into the inner canthus of the eye from the required height. It will done of several times. This treatment helps in cleans the channels (srotas) of the eye and detoxification at the several level. The medicine is utilized in lukewarm temperature if the situation of vata, kapha together with pitta is involved.
  2. Application of Medications or Anjana- It is a process of applying of medicaments in the form of a paste into the conjunctival fornices with the help of an applicator (Salaka) Anjanam has a broad spectrum of application of medicine in the field of ophthalmology. 
  3. Administration of Medications through Nasal Cavity or Nasya- It is therapy of inhalation, which not only cleans the nostrils and air passage in the body, but also help to get rid from the breathing issues. Helpful for other disease like cataract, sinusitis, migraines etc. In Ayurveda, nostrils are the doors to the brain.
  4. Offering Medicated fats in eye or Tharpanam- The tharpana is also known as the kriyakalpa for eye disease in Ayurveda. It is highly powerful and rejuvenates to the eyes. The Tarpana stand for the rehydration. In this therapy gram part is applied around the eye and medicated fat is poured into the eyes for the time period according to eye condition. Tharpanam is basically an eye-cleansing method that offers cooling effect for the eyes. 

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