Katibasti Treatment for Back Pain delivered at Home
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What is Kativasti Ayurvedic therapy?

Katibasti is the most effective Ayurveda therapy for back pain and neck pain. This therapy is used to treat spine ailments in the cervical, lumbar or sacrum region. Kativastii treatment gives nourishment and lubrication to the region of pain in the spine to reduces pain and inflammation. This is a highly effective treatment to reduce pain arising out of Spondylisthosis, Spondylosis, Disc Bulge, Disc Protrusion, Sciatica, Nerve compression, Muscle spasms or pain due to wrong postures.

With the kind of lifestyles that we have these days where the profile of work has changed mostly limited to desk jobs, there is a rise in the incidence rate of people complaining from backache. Especially now, due to people working from home, using the wrong posture or a wrong sitting arrangement, people are complaining even more of back pain. The lack of exercise and increasing bulge of the belly has contributed to increasing cases of spinal pain. 

Ayurveda has age-proven treatments to handle and heal back pains. Back pain though higher in number these days, is not new to Ayurveda. It has therapies that not only reduce back pain within a few therapies, it completely cures if taken a full course of therapies. Kati Basti by far is the most effective therapy to treat back pain. Now, enjoy the benefits of the therapy with Ayurveda at home

Ayurveda uses medicated oils to increase the elasticity of muscles, discs and add strength to muscles. It reduces inflammation and thereby reducing the pressure on the spinal cord to decompress the impinged nerves. By nourishing at cellular levels, The Ayurveda therapies calm down the flared nerves, gives strength to spinal muscles, and reduces spasms. With Katibasti treatment at home, your back pain will be gone. 

What is the procedure of Kativasti therapy at home in Gurgaon?

  1. The person will lay down on a table on the belly in a comfortable position on the massage bed. 
  2. Then ring-like structure or rim made with of the urad atta is placed over the region of pain on the back. 
  3. Warm-medicated Ayurvedic oil was poured into the ring. A uniform temperature is maintained of oil throughout the therapy. 
  4. After 15 to 20 minutes the ring is taken off and the remaining oil is massaged over the affected area. 

How to book kastivasti ayurvedic treatment at home in Gurgaon?

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How Can I get Kativasti back pain Ayurveda treatment at home in Gurgaon?
    -You may call on +919971122689 or +917428740082 to book your treatment.
  1. Who will give the Therapy?
    -The Therapy is given by a Trained Therapist who specialises in Katibasti Ayurveda Therapies for back pain.
  1. The Therapists will be male or female?
    -The therapy for male patients will be done by Male therapists and therapy for female patients will be done by female therapists.
  1. Who can book Therapy?
    -The therapy is currently available in Gurgaon only. Anyone living in Gurgaon can book therapy. 
  1. Is the doctor consult free?
    -The doctor consult is charged at Rs. 500/- but this charge is discounted from your 1st Therapy price. The benefit of doctor consultation is you will recover completely from back pain by Kativasti Ayurveda natural therapy and the doctor can address other issues as well.
  1. How is Katibasti Ayurveda Therapy conducted at Home?
    -The therapy is delivered by a trained therapist with all necessary equipment. To watch the Kativasti Ayurveda therapy video, click here
  1. G. Is this simply massage therapy?

        -No it is not massaged therapy. Kativasti knee pain Ayurveda therapy is completely treatment-oriented and therapeutic therapy. It is the best ayurvedic massage to provide a completely holistic approach towards a long-term cure.

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  1. Can I visit The Ayurveda Institutes for Therapy-?
    Yes, You may visit one of our Ayurveda Institutes and get therapy there. To know about our Ayurveda Institutes and Ayurveda Therapies visit Our Page – Ayurveda Treatments 

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Other news articles:

  1. NCBI-Jan-Mar, 2013 – Efficacy of traditional treatment regimen on Kati Shoola with special reference to lumbar spondylolisthesis
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We intend to give relief in your suffering, healing in pain and add trust in Ayurveda, the Indian way of healing ! 

The offer is extended to people living in Gurgaon city limits as of now. 

Ayurveda at Home

Is a service in which we provide Ayurvedic Therapies at the comfort of your home.

The Ayurveda therapies are provided at Home. 

  • It is Safe -All our Therapist Carry Negative RTPCR tests or Vaccination Certificates.
  • It is Safe – You do not need to visit our centers and there is no need to travel.
  • It is Time Saving – We travel to you, you don’t need to travel. Consult us from home.
  • 100% Hygienic – We main utmost quality-oriented and Hygienic Practices.
  • Focus on you – Our motto is to heal you with Ayurveda
  • Promoting the Indianness – Ayurveda is Age Proven Indian Medical Science
  • Secure – Ayurveda is therapeutic Medical Science with almost zero side effects.

Cost of the Therapies-

It is recommended that one take a minimum of 3 therapies before expecting visible changes. Using the Ayurveda at home services for Therapeutic Pain Relief, one pays as follows –

1st Therapy – You pay Rs. 3300

2nd Therapy – You pay Rs. 2800

3rd Therapy – You pay Rs. 2500

4th Therapy onwards – You pay Rs.2200 

Call us to know about offers.

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