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Abhik Moitra

President & Director / Founder

Management Graduate

  • A total of 18 years of experience.
  • Have worked for 14 years through Nestle, ITC, ICICI Bank and Artemis Hospitals.
  • Running HBG Medical Assistance since inception.
Nandita Gupta - cofounder HBG 

Nandita Gupta

Vice President & Director / Co-Founder

Diploma in Hospital Management from Symbiosis

  • A total of 10 years of experience.
  • Have worked for 10 years through Asian Heart Hospitals, Metro Heart Hospitals and HBG Medical Assistance.
  • With HBG Medical Assistance since inception.
  • In Charge of Business operations.
Deepak Sahni

Deepak Sahni

Deepak Sahni’s journey has been a remarkable one, making significant contributions to HBG Medical Assistance. His foray into healthcare began in 2003, and in 2006, he founded SWT, India’s first healthcare-focused digital firm. In 2013, Sahni founded Healthians, aiming to make healthcare more accessible and transparent. The company rapidly expanded to over 250 cities, with 12 labs across India, securing substantial funding and acquiring Healthy Labs. Sahni’s ambitious vision is to add ten healthy years to every Indian’s life, earning him accolades and recognition in the healthcare sector. As the new leader at HBG, his wealth of experience promises exciting developments for the organization’s future, building on his legacy of transforming healthcare in India and beyond.

Our Team

Aditya kumar

Mr. Aditya Kumar

Meet Mr. Aditya Kumar, the Associate Vice President of Medical Operations at HBG Medical Assistance. He is not just an executive; he’s an individual who takes a personal interest in making each patient’s journey as smooth as possible. His dedication to ensuring that every patient’s experience is seamless and supportive is a cornerstone of his work. With his expertise and commitment, Mr. Kumar plays a pivotal role in the company’s mission and success in the field of medical assistance.

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Mr. Yogesh Jaiswal

Meet Mr. Yogesh Jaiswal, the Associate Vice President of Business Development at HBG Medical Assistance. Beyond his remarkable professional prowess, Mr. Jaiswal is known for his insatiable love for travel. This unique quality fuels his extraordinary ability to connect India with the world. His global perspective, along with his travel experiences, has been instrumental in the company’s success.


Mr. Ankush Dhankar

Allow me to introduce Ankush Dhankar, one of the most seasoned members at HBG Medical Assistance. He not only brings invaluable experience and a strong network to the table but also has a unique talent for taking relationships with our international and domestic clients to the next level. Ankush thrives on creating a sense of family within HBG Medical Assistance, where connections run deep and relationships flourish. His dedication to fostering these bonds is instrumental in the company’s success.


Dr. Kritika

Meet Dr. Kritika, a senior manager in Business Development at HBG Medical Assistance. She is not just a professional but a passionate healthcare enthusiast. Dr. Kritika’s love for healthcare extends beyond her work, as she enjoys writing about the industry. Her exceptional ability to position India on the global map with innovative geographies is truly exceptional. With a sharp and creative mind, she is leading HBG on an exciting new journey, driven by her deep passion for the field.


Dr. Priya Raina

Dr. Priya Raina, the senior manager in Medical Operations at HBG Medical Assistance, is renowned for her extraordinary talent in converting leads. But she doesn’t stop there. Dr. Raina brings a personal touch to her work, going the extra mile to meet and greet patients personally, adding exceptional value to their healthcare journey. Her prowess in this area is nothing short of terrific, making her an invaluable asset to the team.


Mr. Bharat Monga

Introducing Bharat Monga, the Assistance Manager in Medical Operations at HBG Medical Assistance. Mr. Monga is not just a professional; he’s a warm-hearted individual who goes the extra mile to add a personal touch to every aspect of his work. Serving as the bridge between consumers, clients, and HBG Medical Assistance, he approaches his role with a deep sense of empathy and care, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and supportive. His dedication to fostering strong relationships is instrumental in HBG’s success and adds a personal dimension to the organization’s services.

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Mr. Baishaki Saha

Meet Baishaki, a remarkable talent at HBG Medical Assistance. She’s not just a professional, but someone who brings her passion for connectivity into her work. Baishaki not only excels in converting leads, particularly in the challenging territories of Bangladesh and Kolkata, but also enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Her role as a Bengali translator perfectly aligns with her love for forging strong connections, making her a standout contributor to our team and our clients’ journeys. Despite being the youngest in the team, Baishaki stands as one of the strongest players, contributing significantly to our success.

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