Treatment of Knee and Joint Pain

The knee pain is the common complaint that effect specially at growing ages. Knee pain or any joint pain is the injury that can arise by the ruptured ligament, torn cartilage and arthritis. The joint may be painful without being infected or it may be both painful and inflamed. Losing weight can reduce the inflammatory response. Especially for the overweight people, each pound they reduce it will load on the knee and joint pain.

Ayurveda for Knee and Joint Pain

Knee pain- Ayurveda describe the knee pain or swelling of the knee joint as ‘Sandhivata’ which intently resembles the medical condition of Osteoarthritis. As per Ayurveda, knee pain is growing pain which may not be with any preceding injury, and may be caused due to toxic overload in the ligaments and supporting muscles. It may also be caused due to reduced elasticity of muscles and ligaments. 

Ayurvedic treatment for the knee and joint pain provides long teram relief from all the symptoms and the pain. It is a non-surgical treatment which is performed in the Ayurveda and is customized from patient to patient depending upon root cause analysis. 

Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for Knee and Joint pain are-

Ayurveda uses a different approach to treat knee and joint pain. In the joint pain, two kinds of joint pain are treated- 

  1. Due to anatomical reasons such as A).due to low bone density or B). due to reduced elasticity due to lack of fat tissues resulting into mal nourished joints. 
  2. Due to toxic overload causing arthritis. The toxins can get accumulated due to A). Obesity, B). Poor digestion and metabolic activity, C). Unbalanced physical activity or D). Usage of other chemical substances including medicines. 

Accordingly, different ayurvedic treatment and therapy are used to treat them-

  1. Detoxification- In this process, Panchkarma or 5 stepped procedure is used to clean up all toxins from the body and then it is supported by healthy and natural diet. This will help to get body rid from the toxicity, cleans up the joints and strengthens the muscles. 
  2. Therapies- For the pain, the therapies like Januvasti and Dhanyamladhara is used to recure from the pain. In this Dhanyamladhare, a warm and medicated oil is poured on the affected area. As a post procedure the affected area is massaged with different kind of medicated oils. This adds lubrication to joints by adding the necessary fatty liquids. The muscles, cartilages and ligaments are strengthened. 
  3. Ayurvedic Medicines- Herbs and herbal medicines are used as ayurvedic medicines. These medicines provide relief from the joint and knee pain that occur due to inflammation. Most common herbs is used to reduce the inflammation is Guggulu..
  4. Chikitsa- The patient which are suffering from condition like arthritis use ayurvedic medicine to get rid of pain and discomfort. Herbs mixed in right proportions or Kashayams can help with pain management.

It is recommended to spend few days in Ayurveda Hospital that is best in India for Treatment of Joints with Ayurvedic Therapies

  • Ayurveda popularly known for the healing ways that work on the illness and improving the wellness.
  • Ayurvedic treatment at a good institute include herbs, plants is very useful to the body and does not have any side effect. 
  • At the Ayurveda Hospital it feels like Nature home.
  • At the institute you will feel like the relax, calm and relief from all body problems.
  • Any Ayurveda institute for joint treatment provides all the facilities and at the last you will say “Goodbye to Problems”.

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