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Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing

Existing from 4999+ years, Ayurveda is the conventionality of organic healing that has its commencements in India’s Vedic Art. Tibetan & traditional/old Chinese medicines are emanated from Ayurveda. Even Greek medicine also clasp to one’s bosom on several concepts stemmed from the classical Ayurveda medical science.

The expression “Ayurveda” extract from Ayu + Veda = Ayurveda. Ayu stands for “Aliveness” & Veda stands for “Science/knowledge.” Ayurveda proffers a variety of premeditated taste to assist human being with an awareness of their complete individual potential. 

With the improvement in daily routine, diets, behavior & the best achievable use of our senses, Ayurveda counsel one that wellbeing is the economical & energetic fusion in between our anatomy, mind & soul.

Components of Ayurveda

  1.  Human Life (Nara Ayurveda)
  2. Animal Life (Satva Ayurveda)
  3. Plant Life (Vriksha Ayurveda)

Speedy Healing & Recovery at Jivagram


Reinstate your anatomy & revitalize your soul in addition to astounding treatments proffered at the Jivagram Ayurveda Center in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. Our range of premium Ayurveda treatments & therapies at Jivagram works on all fringed methodology & techniques earmarking your skin, obesity detoxification, stress, revival & chronic problems.

Jivagram is considered one of the best personalized Ayurveda treatment platforms. Jivagram introduced Ayurveda as a path of healthy life in which you can heal physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually for a disease-free healthy life.

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is not a system that deals with medicine; but it translates to knowledge of life which is based on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda reaches the main cause of illness. It takes care of soulful healing with non-surgical, rejuvenating detoxification processes to achieve a healthy mind and body. According to Ayurveda, every plant has a medicinal value that can treat incurable diseases that cannot be cured by modern science.

Ayurveda and Ancient Science

The Ayurveda science works with:

  • Purification Process (Shodhana): Shodhana means cleansing or detoxification of the body by expelling the morbid materials inside the body causing various diseases.
  • Pacification Process (Shamana): Shamana is the pacification of symptoms without eliminating the morbid toxins. 

Treatments at Jivagram

Spine and Back PainJoints Pain
Metabolic disordersCerebral Palsy and Autism
Neurological AilmentsEndocrinology -Diabetes, Hypertension
 Muscular DystrophiesOphthalmology
Autoimmune Diseases Obesity
Respiratory IssuesDepression and Anxiety
Skin Ailments Infertility

Videos about Best Ayurveda Treatment Centre

The Founder of Jivagram: Dr. Partap Chauhan


Dr. Partap Chauhan is a director of Jiva Ayurveda, Faridabad & Chairman of International Cell to AIIMGA (All India Indian Medicine Graduate Association, New Delhi). He is counted in the world’s leading Ayurveda doctors. Dr. Chauhan is specialized in treating incurable disease, pharmacology & Ayurveda chemistry. He had visited over 50 countries as ayurveda consultant. Dr. Chauhan was rewarded as Best Ayurveda Physician from Hakim Azmal Khan Society.





Architecture of Jivagram


Jivagram Ayurveda Hospital-Faridabad, Delhi NCR is a place away from the rush of life, where we will care deeply for you and heal your body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda and green Environment goes hand in hand & that’s why the campus of Jivagram is crafted by all-natural & economical building materials of mud Brick, Bamboo, Stone, wood that are interlace with each other in order to increase the element “purity.” The Beautifully furnished rooms, wide corridor spaces and sitting areas are environment-friendly. 

Holistic Healing with Jivagram 

Jivagram brings your bodily natural elements back into balance which includes constitution (Dosha), metabolism (Agni) & fluids (Dhatus) by removing toxins throughout your body.

World Class Infrastructure:



When Meal Becomes Central Part of your Healing

Meal Becomes Central Part of your Healing

Food that we intake is one of the major parts of one’s wellbeing. Jivagram considers food as midway of the healing process of your body. Special diet plan is of Jivagram is according to your body needs. The patient can enjoy pure vegetarian Indian food & dishes (Sativik food) & herbal juices (Amritam).

An environment that Heals @JivaGram


While having a walk at Jivagram campus you can explore 100+ species of Ayurveda & medicinal plants. You can also enjoy the village tour, cycle ride on beautiful tracks & get known with the traditional culture of India. 

Reinventing Therapies at Jivagram

1. Ayurveda & Music Therapy:

It is a part of Ayurveda Science used to assist patients to cure physical, emotional, intellectual & social challenges.


2. Ayurveda & Colour Therapy:

 It is part of Ayurveda in which you can select clothes to make a balance between your constitution (Dosha) which will help in lighten your mood.


3. Unique Reflexology:

A “Reflexology Foot Path” is a path that is designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to various energy meridians of the body. Reflexology has many benefits like relaxation, improvement of nerve functions, and improvement of brainpower increased blood circulation and elimination of body toxins.


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