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Ayurveda Treatment for Upper Back Pain / Spinal Pain

Ayurveda Treatment for Upper Back Pain / Spinal Pain/cervical spondylosis

Cervical pain or pain in the upper back takes place at the back of the neck (radiating towards the upper limbs) and while bending downwards. There might be sensory loss and numbness in the upper limbs in certain cases. It is usually caused by compression of nerves due to protrusion or bulge in the discs between two vertebrae. But these days it is more often due to strained upper back muscles due to postural issues. Prolonged work on desks, working on mobile phones or being on move cause silent harm. These days working for long hours on a computer strains the muscles and nerves in the upper back and gives pain. This pain at times radiate in the hands too. 

Ayurveda treatment focuses on decompression of nerves with strengthening and toning the upper back muscles and soft tissues. Proper Ayurvedic treatment in time helps us avoid a surgery later. A Good Ayurvedic Therapy can definitely help us get rid of the back pain and improve our efficiency in day to day work.

The Ayurvedic treatment for upper back pain is holistic in nature and focused on various aspects of health. It recommends correcting the metabolic processes to eliminate toxins, lifestyle changes, and the use of Ayurvedic Therapies to treat back pain. The Ayurvedic medicines and dietary changes focus on reducing the inflammation of the affected joint space and associated soft tissues as well as relaxing the supporting musculature. 

Upper Back Pain Treatment Protocol in Ayurveda involves the following:

Detoxification or Panchkarma:-

A panchakarma corrects your body’s excretory imbalances. It eliminates toxins through your colon, sweets glands, lungs, bladder, and intestines. A successful detox decrease discomfort throughout the body. Panchkarma or Detoxification includes induced excretion to correct our metabolic disorders and gentle massages to heal the body muscles.

Medicated Oil Therapy or Kati Vasti:-

Kati Vasti treatment is one of the effective therapies specifically meant to treat back pain. Kati Vasti is a therapy that makes use of heat and oil to replace lost fat tissues which give lubrication to joints. This helps to treat inflammation or stiffness of spinal discs and heals the pain in the upper back area. This helps in relieving the nerves, decompressing them, and reducing inflammation. 

Medicated Pouch Massage or Potli Sweda:-

Potli Sweda is a hot herbal pouch. The pouch is from medicinal plants. The heat from the pouch works its way through the body to restore imbalances. The treatment has a rejuvenating effect that improves your vertebral joints, range of motion, and longevity, it relives muscle pain and back stiffness.


Njavarakizhi is a massage with oil with medicinal rice. Pouches filled with medicated rice and oil are applied during the massage. After the rice is wiped off (after about 40 minutes of massaging), more oil is applied.

When you visit an Ayurvedic Hospital, be prepared to talk about yourself. Because Ayurveda emphasizes balance in all areas of your life. A good Ayurvedic Institute will not only examine your body, but will take an extensive personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, profession and working conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health. 

This thorough intake process helps the practitioner identify key symptoms and potential causes of imbalance and determine suitable treatment options.

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