Ayurveda Treatments for Stress and Depression

Stress and depression is common in today’s world. Long work hours and general health problems can leave person stressed, tired and sometimes depressed.

As per Ayurveda, mental and physical stress is the primary reason for any heath, social, relationship issue. Ayurveda explain stress as a Sahas, is a root cause of several diseases. Depression is aggravation of neurological anxieties in our body, that energies brain’s electrochemistry out of balance and damages activity of enzymes in body’s metabolism.  There are many therapies in Ayurveda that relives stress from mind and body thus providing relaxing experience. Also, helps in curing depression.

A stressful person is often irritated and can’t focus on work or social responsibilities.  Stress may also give rise to diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction and even infertility. It leaves the body tired and gives a feeling of continues body pain. These issues further complicate life.

At HBG we aimed to provide best Ayurveda treatment for stress and depression in India’s best Ayurveda Institute.

Treatment of stress and depression

 There are 3 processes that runs in our body-

Movement of solids, fluids and gases- This process is known as Vata

Cell generation and Cell Repair – this is called Kapha

Metabolism and constant creation of energy – This is called Pitta.

To relive ourselves of stress it is important that we set the 3 process back in place. There are therapies in Ayurveda which help us recover from stress and depression.

Some of the Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for Stress and Depression are –

  • Body Stress Relief with medicated oil Massage – A refreshing full body massage with warm herbal oils is done to release tension from muscles and joints. A a relieving massage with warm oils and a human touch leaves the body stress free at cellular level.
  • Treatment of tired mid with Shirodhara: It begins with a head massage followed by continuous stream of warm medicated oils  and liquids like herbal milk or buttermilk on the forehead to cool down the nervous system. This helps us to sleep better and recover from mental fatigue.
  • Application of Medicines : Medicated herbal paste is applied on the crown or forehead depending upon the type of disorder. These medications help nourish the brain and helps it fight stress. It also controls the stimuli to help fight any depression causing situation.
  • Detoxification -Post the above treatments a steam bath is given to remove all the toxins. The detoxed body can heal itself. It also improves metabolism to help us eat better and thereby supplying the right amount of energy.
  • Diet – Ayurvedic diet is given after an hour to neutralize the stress of releasing chemicals. Good food and a discipline dietary habit can help body recover. During the stressful period one often binges on junk food that adds to cholesterol which results into bad blood pressure.

This process is repeated over 3-4 days to get the best outcome and longevity of well-being. It is recommended to spend few days at an Ayurveda Hospital which is Best in India for treatment for multiple reasons –

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