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About Jivagram

Jivagram, is well known Ayurvedic well being centre which aim towards enabling people to regain health and wellness through holistic healing sciences. Jiva Ayurveda is 1st AYUSH Hospital in Haryana to be accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers(NABH). Jivagram infrastructure is well crafted by all-natural & economical building materials of mud Brick, Bamboo, Stone, wood which intertwined each other in order to get cure naturally and increases purity. At Jivagram, we commit ourselves to assist you with with complete holistic wellness while taking care of hygiene and safety standards amid the present crisis.

Jivagram’s foundation stands on core Ayurvedic values of targeting the root cause of any illness. It believes in the complete wellbeing of an individual that incorporates the mind, body and soul. The Ayurvedic treatment approach is derived from ancient and traditional Ayurvedic practice, not only that but Jivagram provides customized Ayurvedic medicines and treatment, along with guidance on diet and lifestyle. 
Main Departments in Jivagram

  1. Treatmnet of Muscular Dystrophy – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for Muscular Dystrophy – Read More about Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in India – click here
  2. Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for Rheumatoid Arthritis – Read More about Rheumatoid Arthritis Ayurvedic Treatment in India – click here 
  3. Treatment of Diabetes – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for Diabetes- Read More about Ayurvedic diabetes Treatment in India -click here
  4. Treatment of Severe Back Pain – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for Back Pain- Read More about backpain Ayurvedic Treatment in India -click here
  5. Management of Symptoms of COVID after recovery from COVID – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for COVID Recovery- Read More about Post COVID Ayurvedic Treatment for recovery from COVID symptoms in India -click here

Location – Jivagram Ayurvedic Treatment Centre is present in – 

Faridabad – Delhi NCR 

Important News About The Hospital –

Express Healthcare –March 4, 2020 – French healthcare experts visit Jivagram Centre for Wellbeing, Faridabad

BW Healthcare World -24 February 2021 – Jivagram is Haryana’s First CGHS Empaneled NABH Ayurveda Hospital

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Jivagram’s Infrastructure

Jivagram is not a traditional health get-away destination; it is not a hospital either. Jivagram combines the best of both worlds. It is a residential treatment and therapy facility for you to heal physically, spiritually and mentally. Thoughtfully planned with ample indoor and outdoor spaces, Jivagram showcases the local art and culture through mud structures, paintings and a Nakshatra Van. The campus of Jivagram is crafted by all-natural & economical building materials of mud Brick, Bamboo, Stone, wood that are interlace with each other in order to increase the element “purity”.

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Dr. Rahul Kumar Tyagi
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