Treatment of Sleep Disorder

What is Sleep Disorder?

Many people experience changes in sleeping patterns due to stress, hectic schedules, or lifestyle changes but when this change interferes on regular basis also in daily activities it may be an indication of a sleep disorder.

Ayurvedic perspective of sleep disorder

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is triggered by an imbalance in body processes resulting in physical or mental exertion or also disease.

Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for Sleep disorders are –

  • Flow of Medicated oils on stress points of the head known as Shirodhara – It begins with a head massage followed by a continuous stream of warm herbal milk/oil/buttermilk on the forehead to relieve the stress from the nervous system which gets clogged with worries, erroneous lifestyle habits, eating, etc.
  • Abhyanga – A refreshing full body massage with warm herbal oils is done to increase blood circulation and calm the lymph nodes.
  • Nasya – At the beginning of the treatment, the head and shoulder areas are given a delicate massage. After that, nasal drops are regulated in both the nostril which cleanses the whole head area. It helps lubricate nasal passages and relieve allergies, congestion, snoring, etc.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine – With appropriate proportions recommended by an expert, some herbal medicines are also proven to be effective against sleep disorders.

It is recommended to spend few days at an Ayurveda Hospital which is best in India for treatment for multiple reasons –

  • One would get rejuvenated physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • The ambiance in an Ayurveda institute is healing.
  • There is a nature’s touch in the infrastructure which doesn’t make you feel you are in a Hospital.
  • The activities and practices can be best experienced at the institutes.
  • The institutes take complete care of your health and wellbeing.

HBG Medical Assistance provides you with the best Ayurveda Institute options for the treatment to give you the best healing experience.

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