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Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda to be healthy is to Become as mother nature created you – Healthy, Well and Pure.

  • Nature Gave us a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul.
  • Any changes in the body, mind, and soul are what make us unhealthy.

Ayurveda intends to make us healthy by reversing what has gone wrong and taking the body, mind, and soul back to how it is supposed to be.

How Were We Created?

We were created with 5 basic elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Space.

We were then filled with 7 sub-elements – Plasma, Blood, Muscles, Bones, Marrow, Nerves, and Reproductive Tissues.

To put life in the body, 3 processes were created –

  1. Metabolism or Digestion to give energy
  2. Movement – Of Air, Blood, food, stimuli and Excretion.
  3. Cell regeneration and cell repair.

 These Elements and Processes give a balance to our body making it healthy.

How is COVID defined in Ayurveda?

  • COVID (Virus) infects the Respiratory System and Lungs, thereby impacting the process of flow of air.
  • It enhances the growth of infectious / virus cells in our respiratory system and lungs, thereby impacting the Cell Regeneration process.
  • Our immunity or healthy cells which fight against the infectious cells are outnumbered, the cell repair can’t take place and thus body’s immunity can’t fight back enough.
  • We can’t have enough oxygen which essential for the functioning of other organs and thereby impacting the functions of the entire body.
  • The medicines that we take to treat the COVID infection kills the COVID organisms/virus and help increase healthy cells in our body.

So once we have recovered from COVID..

  • Why are we still coughing?
  • Why is breathing still an effort?
  • Why are we constantly feel tired?
  • Why are we stressed and mentally week?
  • Why are we having episodes of nausea and gastritis?

Why we are not healthy when we have recovered, post covid?

  • What happens to the dead virus after they have been killed by medicines? – They have not been excreted. “They are still inside”. Toxins??
  • Are the medicines only killing the virus or are they also impacting other processes which we call side effects? Processes that may not be natural !!
  • The medicines induce an artificial response towards cell generation. These do increase immune cells but they also induce residual cells. Toxins?
  • The respiratory system still has the load of dead cells reducing the body’s respiratory capacity. Should there be dead cells – Toxins??
  • The artificial immunity still irritates the respiratory system against intake smallest of pollutants (which they fight off in natural circumstances) inducing cough. Not Normal !!
  • The body is tired of fighting a virus and does not have energy left to do the cleaning naturally. Has the body healed completely??
  • The mind is tired of the battle, isolation, artificial stimuli. – Does not the mind needs to heal??
  • With fear, negativity and in absence of natural care (love) the Soul too is tired. – Does our should not deserve healing?

What does Ayurveda Suggest?

Take the body on to its natural course


  • It suggests detoxifying the body using a process that focuses on cleaning the body by controlled enhancement of anal excretion (Purgation), urinal excretion, Induced/ Emetic Oral Excretion and sweating.
  • All toxins, dead cells need to be washed away.
  • It sets the metabolic process right.

Oleation Therapy 

  • By using medicated Oils, we heal the living cells. We relax and calm these cells.
  • This not only heals Fatigue; it also eliminates the toxins accumulated in our skins and muscles which calms the tiredness.
  • Oleation Therapy is the best way to treat body pain and recover from it. It also helps in relief from joint pains.

Taking care of the Mind

  • There are therapies that calm down our brains. Therapies such as Shirodharya can immediately relieve us of stress and give us a calm brain. A calm brain is much in control of our body and processes running in our body. It is important to have ourselves treated for stress and anxiety.
  • A healthy brain can control the stimuli better and can give a better response to any stimuli.

Taking care of our metabolism 

  • A good metabolism is a faster way to recovery. Digestion is primary process. It helps in natural absorption thereby healing the cells naturally and helps in excretion thereby naturally detoxifying the body.
  • Metabolism is primary requirement towards cell regeneration.
  • Having a good metabolism helps us to rest better, reduces acids from body and relaxes the mind too.

 Medicines and Food 

  • The natural Medicines improve the natural immunity of the body thus reducing the body’s dependence on artificially acquired immunity. The medicines help us build our natural immunity.
  • The Medicines helps fastening the cell regeneration process thereby healing the organs which have suffered.
  • Eating the right food at the right time helps body recover faster and aids any Therapy given.
  • This is the most important part to set the respiratory processes in place.

Treatment to Soul

  • A Happy soul triggers better response to any treatment. It wants to get healed.
  • Yoga, Music and other activities which are part of COVID recovery gives you a happy Soul. All this in an environment which is lively and fulfilling.
  • The Therapies which essentially are also touch based fulfils the need of care and love which heals the soul.

How Long does it take?

It needs 7 days of complete treatment in n Ayurveda Hospital. A good Ayurveda institute can help you recover from all symptoms faster and in a more natural way.

What do get at the end of 7 days?

  • A Healthy Body
  • A healthy Mind
  • Improved Immunity
  • Good Sleep
  • Smiling and Fresh Face

And of course, a very strong and powerful Soul.

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