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KD Hospital was built under a trust to deliver world class healthcare at the most affordable cost without compromising on quality of healthcare delivery or quality of care. The hospital delivers multispecialty healthcare management under a single roof. The hospital has become the talk of the country within a small time of it being operational. It has attracted medical talent from all over the world and today has the best medical team in Western Part of India. It is located in Ahmedabad, which has emerged as the latest centre of corporate activity in India. The hospital has a grand infrastructure supported by superlative technology.
The Hospital today has possibly the best medical talent in Gujrat, Ahmedabad. Some of the best doctor in Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthoapedic Surgery, Spine Surgery are now working in KD Hospital. Give that it is trust driven hospital, its prices are low but that does not at all compromises on quality of care or quality of services. Today patients from all over teh world are traveling to Kd Hospital. KD Hospital being in Ahmedabad enjoys direct flights from Kenya.

Locations – KD Hospital is present in – Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Main Departments
KD Hospital has following main departments-

  1. Bariatric Surgeries – KD Hospital Centre of Excellence in Bariatric Surgeries – Read More about Bariatric Surgery in India
  2. Infertility Treatment – KD Hospital Centre of excellence in Obsterics & Gynaecology – Read More about IVF Treatment in India
  3. Orthopedic Treatments – KD Hospital Centre of Excellence in Orthopedics – Read More about Orthopedics Treatment in India
  4. Spine Treatments – KD Hospital Centre of Excellence in Spine – Read More about Spine Treatments in India
  5. Cardiac Treatments – KD Hospital Centre of Excellence in Child & Adolescent Health – Read More about Cardiac Treatments in India
  6. Neuro Sciences – KD Centre of Excellence in Neuro Sciences – Read More about Neuro Treatments in India
  7. Oncology Treatments – KD Hospital Centre of Excellence in Oncology – Read More about Oncology Treatments in IndiaThe KD Hospital Specialty – KD Hospital has India’s First Advanced GE Innova IGS-530 Cathlab with Live 3D Guidance

Important News about the hospital –

The Times of India – September, 2019 – Union Home Minister undergoes minor surgery at KD Hospital

The Times of India – May, 2019 – KD Hospital performs 25 bariatric surgeries in 16 hours.


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