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About HCG Cancer Centre Hospital

HCG Cancer Hospital is a leading provider of cancer care in India, with a total of 24 cancer centers across the country. The hospital is known for its advanced cancer treatments and wonderful Oncologists on board.

HCG Cancer Hospital in India has invested very heavily in technology which makes it cancer care precise and definitive. With the latest medical technology at its disposal, the hospital can provide patients with the most effective and efficient care possible.

In addition to technology, HCG Cancer Hospital also emphasizes the importance of knowledgeable and experienced medical doctors. With a large pool of cancer specialists available, the patients receive the best possible cancer care in India and support throughout their treatment journey.

HCG Cancer Hospital’s commitment to patient-centric and value-based care is evident in its focus on constant research and innovation. By staying at the forefront of medical advancements, HCG Cancer Hospital has built a strong foundation to provide comprehensive and high-quality cancer care to patients in India.

 At HCG, focuses on treating every cancer patient the right way, the first time. At HCG Cancer Centre, cancer patients are provided access to 360° cancer care starting from prevention, screening, second opinion, diagnosis, and treatment to rehabilitation and palliative or supportive care. 

Main Specialties –

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dr amit jhala
Dr. Amit Jhala
Experience in Years
30 Years
Dr Himanshu Mathur
Dr. Himanshu Mathur
Experience in Years
15 Years

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Office No. 001, Ground Floor ASCOT CENTRE, Sahar Rd, near Hilton Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
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