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Why are Cameroon Patients Choosing India for Medical Treatments? (Guide)

India and Cameroon Relations

India and Cameroon have had friendly and cordial relations since Cameroon became independent in 1960. A Trade Agreement was signed between them in February 1968, creating a platform for trade deals between India and Cameroon. Main potential areas for cooperation and investment are – agriculture & food processing, forestry, oil & gas, IT, Healthcare and Education etc. Many patients from Cameroon are travelling to India for medical Treatment. Additionally, Indian medical professionals have offered training sessions and expertise to improve Cameroon’s healthcare infrastructure and medical services. 

 Also, many students from Cameroon are travelling to India to further their studies. India has been offering various training slots for the Armed Forces of Cameroon in Indian Armed Forces Training establishments under the ITEC program. 

Cultural exchanges between India and Cameroon have also enormously strengthened ties between the two nations. Indian films and dance performances are also popular in Cameroon, creating a better understanding between the two countries.

India and Cameroon Travel Trends

Cameroon people travel to India for many purposes, including tourism, healthcare, and education. Travelers from Cameroon are primarily interested in visiting India because of its diverse cultural heritage and historical landmarks. Additionally, the collaboration between the two countries in healthcare has increased the medical tourism industry, with patients from Cameroon preferring to travel to India for advanced and complex medical treatments. Even Indians are exploring Cameroon for tourism and business ventures because of its rich natural beauty and emerging market potential. 

Why do patients from Cameroon fly for Medical treatment to India?

Cameroon patients often fly for medical Treatment to India for many reasons beyond their borders. India has become a preferable destination for healthcare due to its advancement in medical infrastructure, Doctor expertise, and affordability.

  1. Cost-effective Medical Treatment: First, the cost-effectiveness of medical Treatment in India makes it an attractive and preferred option for Cameroonian patients. Compared to Western countries, expenses for medical Treatment in India are comparatively lower, allowing patients from Cameroon to get high-quality Treatment.
  2. Advanced Healthcare Facilities —Secondly, Indian hospitals provide world-class medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology and well-experienced healthcare professionals. Patients from Cameroon come to India to seek specialized treatments, such as cardiac surgery, Neurosurgery, orthopedics, and oncology.
  3. Ease of Travel – Good flights are available from major cities in Cameroon to Indian metropolitan hubs like Delhi and Mumbai, making the journey convenient for patients and their attendants.
  4. Skilled Medical Professionals –Patients from Cameroon appreciate the efficiency of skilled doctors, the professionalism of Indian healthcare facilities, and the Doctors’ expertise and experience, enabling them to receive prompt medical attention. Moreover, streamlined appointment processes and shorter waiting times for appointments and procedures in Indian hospitals ensure timely access to healthcare services for Cameroonian patients.
  5. Visa for Medical Treatment: India offers a medical visa category for patients travelling to the country specifically for Medical Treatment. This visa facilitates the entry and stay of patients and their accompanying family members.
  6. Alternative and Traditional Medicine: India provides a diverse range of medical treatments, including modern allopathic medicine, traditional Ayurvedic treatments, and alternative therapies, which can cater to various medical needs.
  7. International Patient Services: Many hospitals in India have dedicated departments or international patient services to assist foreign patients with travel arrangements, accommodation, language assistance (French translators), and more.

Cameroonian Patient’s Medical Treatment in India

There are a number of common medical treatments for Cameroonian patients travelling to India.

India’s reputation for providing high-quality healthcare services at a fraction of the cost in Western countries has made it a preferred destination for medical tourists from Cameroon and other nations. Many hospitals and medical facilities in India are accredited and have a strong track record of successful medical procedures, which further enhances its appeal as a medical hub.

People from Cameroon travelling for Ayurveda Treatment in India

Patients from Cameroon who are looking for other alternatives or non-surgical treatment options prefer ayurvedic treatment, which is a natural treatment that uses natural remedies and therapies to treat medical conditions such as diabetes, Hypertension, gastritis and other metabolic disorders. In India, Ayurveda is well known for eye-related medical conditions such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Optic neuropathy and Retinitis pigmentosa

In Ayurveda, massages with herbal oils, herbal medicines, and lifestyle modifications are preferred by cameroon patients who are seeking noninvasive approaches to healing.

Lastly, Patients from Cameroon travel to various hospitals in India for medical treatment, depending on their specific medical needs and the expertise available at these hospitals. Some of the well-known hospitals in India that are frequently chosen by international patients, including those from Cameroon, for medical treatment in India include:

Best Hospitals for Cameroon Patients in India:

Best Hospitals for Cameroon Patients in New Delhi and NCR Region
BLK Hospital
Max Hospital
Manipal Hospital
Fortis Hospital
Sanar Hospital
Amrita Hospital
Artemis Hospital
Medanata Hospital
QRG Hospital
Jivagram Ayurveda Hospital
Accord Hospital
Best Hospitals for Cameroon Patients in Mumbai 
HCG Cancer Centre Hospital
Nanavati Hospital
Kokilaben Hospital
Fortis Hospital

Medical Visa Eligibility from Cameroon to India:

  • Applicants for a medical visa to India must have the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment.
  • Treatment should be done at recognized and specialized hospitals in India.
  • A maximum of two medical attendants, which may include family members, relatives, friends, or associates, are allowed to accompany the patient to India.
  • A medical visa is issued and granted for medical conditions such as cardiac ailments, Neurosurgery, Organ Transplants, gene therapy, congenital disorders, Orthopedic Surgeries, and Cancer Treatment,

Required Documents for an Indian Medical Visa from Cameroon:

  • A completed online visa application form.
  • Copies of relevant pages of the international passport and previous passports (if applicable).
  • Domestic passport or residence permit.
  • ENN Number (Taxpayer Identification Number).
  • Confirmed return air ticket.
  • An official invitation from the concerned hospital in India, including details such as the patient’s name, passport number, medical condition, treatment details, duration, and cost, should be sent directly to the Embassy’s official contact.
  • Medical reports and medical history of the patient with translations.
  • Bank statement to demonstrate financial solvency.
  • Diagnostic examination reports.
  • Details of flight bookings.

Note: Original documents must be carried by applicants, and close relatives accompanying the patient must provide documents establishing the relationship with the patient

You can apply for a Medical visa at the Indian Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

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