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Hypertension Treatment in Ayurveda

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension may occur due to various reasons in life. Sedentary Lifestyle, Stress, Genetic predisposition, poor kidney function, and poor metabolism are some main reasons. 

Hypertension can lead to Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Aneurysms, and Brain Haemorrhage are major complications of Hypertension. On the minor side, constant body ache, inability to focus, low body energy, etc remain troublesome.

Treatment of Ayurveda in Hypertension:

Ayurveda treats hypertension in a systematic fashion not only to give immediate relief but also to give long-term and sustained relief from the disease. 

  1. To address metabolic issues with detoxification of gastrointestinal tract – This is achieved by Panchkarma process with induces enema, steam, and purgation. It is important to address metabolic issues to get the toxins washed away. Also, a good metabolism allows a person to have a sound sleep which calms down the body and helps reduce hypertension.
  2. To address Body Fatigue with Medicated Oils and Massage Therapies – This helps down to treat body fatigue. A less tired body has better immunity and can fight against any bodily issues better. A less tired body can sleep better giving rise to better neurological stimuli. It helps in calming the body cells and helps in cell regeneration.
  3. To address Anxious Mind with Medicated Oil Therapies and other medicated liquids – The process is called Shirodharya. This helps to calm down the brain and helps fight anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress are identified as major reason behind hypertension.
  4. Medications – These medications are natural Ayurvedic Medications that help in long term corrections of ailments in the body. These address Kidney functions and other heart functions. This gives long term relief correcting the cause behind hypertension and symptoms arising out of hypertension. 

Recommended to spend few days in Ayurveda Hospital for well-being and recuperation that is best Ayurveda Hospital in India for Treatment-

  • Ayurveda popularly known for the healing ways that work on the illness and improving the wellness. The treatment of Ayurveda is specially recommended after for any non-surgical treatment and for patients who would like to avoid any side effects.
  • Ayurvedic treatment include natural medicines which are very useful to the body and does not have any side effect. 
  • At the Ayurveda Institute it feels like Natural home and is most recommended for wellbeing and immunity building.
  • At the Ayurveda Hospital you will feel like the relax, calm and relief from all body problems.
  • An Authentic Ayurveda institute provides all the facilities and at the last you will say “Goodbye to Problems”.

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