Immunity Build up and Wellness

What is Immunity?

Immunity in modern medicine means the activity of certain cells, enzymes and immunomodulatory chemicals that attack pathogens and prevent them from creating diseases.

Ayurvedic approach on immunity build up

Ayurveda explains immunity by – The concept of strength known as Bala, or the concept of resistance to illness. The immunity is known as body’s strength to fight diseases and this strength is known  as Vyadhi Kshamathwa, and Ojas the concept of supreme resilience. The blockages of excretions, (known as Mala or waste products of body) reduces immunity.

Some of the Authentic Ayurveda Treatment for immunity build up and wellness are –

  • Detoxification or Panchakarma – It is a five step process carried out to detoxify the body from accumulated/residual toxins. This process helps balance processes in the body.
  • Corrections in diet – A proportionate vegetarian diet which comprising of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lentils, seeds etc. which are abundant in life force are recommended for nourishment.
  • Lifestyle changes – Ayurveda elaborates on daily routine as Dincharya. Following a well-planned daily routine of exercise, adequate work, proportionate eating, and sound sleep changes our overall health to a high extent. This naturally balances the hormones and keeps the body maintained.
  • Mental immunity – The mind reflects the body. Hence it is highly important to prioritise mental immunity. It can be done by meditation following with activities which keeps the mind happy.
  • Medications or Rasayana – Variety of herbal medicines are recommended as per the dosha to increase the nourishment of body and build immunity.

It is recommended to spend few days at an Ayurveda Hospital which is best in India for treatment for multiple reasons –

  • One would get rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The ambience in an Ayurveda institute is healing.
  • There is a nature’s touch in the infrastructure which doesn’t make you feel you are in a Hospital.
  • The activities and practices can be best experienced at the institutes.
  • The institutes take complete care of your health and wellbeing.

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