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About AyurVAID Hospitals

AyurVAID Hospitals is a revolutionary chain of new generation Ayurveda hospitals. It is dedicated to applying Ayurveda to solve modern health problems. Now with nine hospitals in Pan India (in Kochi, Gurgaon, Uttarakhand and Bangalore) and a growing network of Physicians, AyurVAID has become the biggest chain of Ayurveda hospitals in India and demonstrated strong clinical outputs over the past 15 years of operations. AyurVAID is providing a comprehensive, customized and affordable approaches for the prevention and treatment of each patient.

A budding network of Doctors, AyurVAID has become the biggest chain of Ayurveda hospitals in India and proved strong clinical outputs over the past 15 years of operations. It is India’s 1st Ayurveda hospital to be accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), Quality Council of India.

Number of Beds – AyurVaid Hospital has a total of 170 Beds across different facilities in various cities. The Ayurveda Hospital offers treatment rooms that are most hygienically maintained. 
In Bangalore, it has an exclusive 20 bed Ayurveda hospital with air-conditioned, Non-AC premium, private, and semi-private rooms. 

It is the first Ayurveda Hospital in Karnataka to have a dedicated water treatment plant to ensure that all oil and other sediments are separated from treatment water before it is set off into the public drainage system. The Hospital also adheres to the Government of India’s Bio-medical Waste guidelines, as well as the Water and Air Acts.

Main Departments in Ayurvaid Hospitals –  

  1. Gastrointestinal Diseases –AyurVaid Muti-Specialty Hospital for Gastrointestinal Disorders – Read More about Gastritis Treatment in India – click here
  2. Eye Diseases – AyurVaid Hospital for Eye Conditions – Read More about Eye Disease Treatment in India- click here
  3. Musculo Skeletal Diseases – AyurVaid Hospital for Spinal Diseases – Read more about Ayurvedic Treatment of Backpain India
  4. Neurological Diseases – Ayurvaid Hospitals for Neurological Diseases – Read more about Ayurvedic Treatment of Neurological Diseases.

Location – AyurVaid Hospital is present in – 

  • Bangalore (Domlur), 
  • Uttarakhand (Kalmatia), 
  • Delhi-NCR (Within Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon)
  • Kerala (Kochi – Within Aster Hospitals in Kochi)

Learn More About Ayurvaid Hospitals –

Outlook -17 June 2021 – Scientifically Validated and Clinically Tested Medicine

Business Standard – January 22, 2016 – AyurVAID Hospitals ties up with GAU’s USCE

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AyurVAID Hospitals’s Infrastructure

Comprising total of 170 beds capacity across our in-patient facilities in Bangalore, Cochin, Gurugram, and Uttarakhand and with a day-care Panchakarma treatment centre in JP Nagar in Bangalore, AyurVAID is making precision Ayurveda care across India, delivered by an expert team of senior Ayurveda physicians, nursing staff, and professional management.

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Dr. Y. K. Saini
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