Treatment of Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration– The Macular degeneration is also known as age-related macular Degeneration (AMD or ARMD). It is an eye disease that cause the vision loss. Macular degeneration is the medical condition in which older adult loss the vision in the center of the visual field because of damage of retina. 

Macular Degeneration in Ayurveda-

In the Ayurveda, the macular degeneration is primarily associated with the age, in which the macula weakens. There is no specific cause for this disease. MD is define in Ayurveda has the Palalgata Vyadhi, which essentially is age related retinal diseases. The entire pathology is revolves around the imbalance of Body process of vata, pitta and kapha. Aim of Ayurveda is to correct them all. The treatment which is performed in Ayurveda for macular Degeneration will be non-surgical manner.

Similarly, Ayurveda also helps us treat Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Retinal Neuropathy

Treatment of Macular Degeneration with Ayurveda-

In the Ayurveda, the Macular Degeneration is differentiated in two type- dry & wet. The Ayurvedic treatment for Macular degeneration will also varies according to stages whether dry or wet type. Rejuvenating Ayurvedic medicine deliver strength to retina and re-development in vision can also be expected. The major treatment procedure done for the Macular Degeneration are as follows-

  1. Cleaning of internal Organs or Virechana- It is a purification therapy eliminate impurities from Kidney, gall bladder, intestine and the sweat glands.
  2. Flow of Medications through the eyes or Nethradhara-It is a treatment help to recover the condition like cataract and glaucoma. In this therapy, a dough are placed around the eye and medicated oil is poured in non-stop stream over the eye around 30 min, This treatment helpful to strengthen the tissues surrounding the eye and may reduce the dark eye circle. It should done for several days.
  3. Flow of Coolant Medication or Tharpana- This is also known as the kriyakalpa for eye disease in Ayurveda. It stands for the rehydration. This therapy utilize the medicated fats administered into the eyes. Tharpanam is basically an eye-cleansing method that offers cooling effect for the eyes. 
  4. Medication through pours of the head or Thalam- It is ayurvedic therapy in which the individual head is covered with the herbal paste and medicated oil is poured on the forehead. This remedy is helpful for the problems like nervous system and mental disorder.
  5. Medicated Butter flow on head or Takradhara- It is a special ayurvedic treatment that uses medicated butter. The takra-buttermilk and Dhara- Stream. It is an Ayurvedic treatment as same as of the Shirodhara.  
  6. Medicated Oil administration or Shirodhara- In this someone pour the liquid like oil, milk, buttermilk or water on special point of forehead. Helpful to relieve the stress and calmness of the mind.

This eye treatment / therapy will provide nourishment to the retina and leads to improve in the vision.

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