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Skin Cancer (Melanoma) Treatment with Immunotherapy in Israel

Get Skin Cancer (Melanoma) Treatment with Immunotherapy in Israel

About Skin Cancer (Melanoma) Treatment with Immunotherapy in Israel

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. When it spreads to other places in your body, it’s called metastatic, or advanced. Melanoma occurs when the pigment-producing cells that give colour to the skin become cancerous. Symptoms might include a new, unusual growth or a change in an existing mole. Melanomas can occur anywhere on the body.

In India, such cancers are treated with surgery and chemotherapy (Target Therapy). The protocol has been successful till a large extent for cancer treatment in India. But in many cases it has been noticed to have relapsed. Earlier there was not much of a hope in suffering of such patient but now, doctors in Israel have come up with a new therapy which has been showing extremely good results. 

TIL Therapy or Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocyte Cell Therapy

The Therapy is called TIL Therapy or Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy. This is an Auto Immune Therapy. There are special Immune Cells Responsible for fighting cancer in our Body( T-Cells). One acquires cancer when the T-Cells loose the battle and cancer cells increase in number. But still there are still T-Cells , which are present within the tumour cells though in much lesser number. The Therapy focuses in extracting these T-Cells from within the tumour cells by conducting a biopsy. These T-Cells are then processed and increased in quantity. The processing takes place in laboratory where they are processed with interleukin -2, a kind of protein that actively enhances the T-Cell growth. These cells are then infused back in the body. The cells not only increase body’s immunity to fight cancer but also these cells then actively start attacking the cancer cell thus healing the body and killing the cancer cells. 



Visual diagnostics – a dermatologist examines suspected lesions using a dermatoscope, an optical magnification device that can assist in identifying abnormalities.

Confocal microscopy – this non-invasive technique for the detection of melanoma is based on infrared radiation`s ability to infiltrate all layers of the skin, enabling specialists to establish the depth of the lesion and the stage of tumor development.

Incisional biopsy – taking a sample tissue material directly from the lesion for subsequent histological analysis. Each sample is tested using the most innovative techniques, enabling our professionals to comprehend the complete genetic and molecular profile of the lesion.

Imaging – MRI, PET-CT for distinguishing proliferation of malignant cells within the lymph node or internal organs. Blood tests – to monitor and observe the function of primary organs in your body.

Infusion – The newly acquired Immune Cells are then infused in the body along with Chemotherapy or along with Interleukin-2 immunotherapy. 


This new therapy has several distinct advantages, including:

  • TIL uses the patient’s own white blood cells, so there is little risk of infection or allergic reaction.
  • TIL offers hope for patients whose cancer has not responded to traditional treatment methods.
  • TIL can be very effective. Roughly half of all patients show improvement with TIL, with about 25% completely cured.

The cost of TIL treatment in Israel may come between Rs. 15 Lakhs to 30 lakhs ($20000 to $ 40000) depending upon the condition of the patient. . HBG Medical Assistance has special agreement with Hadasaah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel to assist patient who are need therapies such as these. 

To avail this treatment at Hadasaah Hospital in Israel, you may like to write to us at with your medical reports or drop a message to us at +917506405501 and we will call you back.

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