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Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda

Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda

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COVID infects the Respiratory System and Lungs, thereby impacting the process of flow of air. The medicines that we take to treat the COVID infection kills the COVID organisms/virus and help increase healthy cells in our body. But still even after recovery from COVID, we cannot claim that we are healthy. There is –

Prolonged Coughing

Body Ache

Mental Stress 

And general irritability. 

Ayurveda suggests detoxifying the body and healing it using Ayurvedic treatments

Which Ayurveda Therapy is Suggested for Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda?

It suggest Abhyangam which is to heal the body with help of massages done with medicated oils. These massage therapies with medicated oils heals the body at cellular level leaving us with a feeling of being healthy physically. It relieves us of body fatigue and general tiredness. It also eliminates the toxins accumulated in our skins and muscles which calms the tiredness. It also makes our muscles stronger.  To know more about Abhyangam click here.

What Other Therapies are Suggested for Recovery from Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda also suggest doing a Shirodharya Therapy which calms down our brain.. A calm brain is much in control of our body and process running in our body. A healthy brain can help us get better faster and it can control the stimuli better and can give a better response to any stimuli.To know more about Shirodharya click here

Ayurevda will also prescribe a few medicines to improve our metabolism and respiratory system. The medicones reduces cough immediately and adds to the physical strength of our body. 

Medicines and Food. Eating the right food at the right time helps body recover faster and aids any Therapy given. This is the most important part to set the respiratory processes in place. 

To consult our doctors to understand the process in details or to book the Post COVID Recovery Ayurveda Treatment at homeCall us now at +919971122689 or +917428740082 

Or simply drop us a message. We will call you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I get “Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda at Home?
    To get a therapy Call us now at +919971122689 or +917428740082 Or simply drop us a message. We will call you back. Welcome at Ayurveda At Home.
  2. Who will give the Therapy?
    The Therapy is given by Trained Therapist who specialise in Ayurveda Therapies for Covid Recovery Therapies. 
  3. Is it simply a massage?
    No, it is a treatment and a therapeutic therapy from Ayurveda. It is not a simple massage. It is a Medicated Ayurvedic Massage therapy intending to heal you for long term impact. 
  4. The Therapists will be male or female?
    The therapy for male patients will be done by Male therapists and therapy for female patients will be done by female therapist.
  5. Who can book a Therapy?
    The therapy is currently available in Gurgaon only. Anyone living in Gurgaon can book a therapy. Ayurveda at Home is Available for city of Gurgaon Only. 
  6. Is the doctor consult free?
    The doctor consult is charged at Rs. 500/- but this charge is discounted from your 1st Therapy price.
  7. How is “Treatment of Post Covid Symptoms in Ayurveda” Therapy conducted at Home?
    The therapy is delivered by a trained therapist. If you wish to visualise the process, you may like to see out video  –
  8. What other Therapies are offered in Ayurveda at Home?
    You can Get the following Therapies – 
    1. Ayurveda Therapy for Treatment of Migraine – To know more about Ayurveda Therapy for Migraine Treatment at Home – Click Here.
    2. Ayurveda Therapy for Back Pain – To know more about Back Pain Treatment with Ayurveda at Home– Click Here.
    3. Ayurveda Therapy for Knee Pain – To know about Knee Pain Treatment with Ayurveda at Home – click here
    4. Ayurveda Therapy for Sinusitis – To know more about Ayurveda Therapy for Sinusitis at home- click here
    5. Ayurveda Therapy for Relief from Stress and Anxiety- To know more about Anxiety and Stress Releases with Ayurveda at Home – click here
  9. Can I visit The Ayurveda Institutes for the Therapy-
    Yes, You may visit one of our Ayurveda Institutes and get therapy there. To know about our Ayurveda Institutes and Ayurveda Therapies visit Our Page – Ayurveda Treatments

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Times of India – Jun 23, 2021- Ayurveda-approved tips for better recovery post-COVID

The Hindu -Jun 07, 2021 –Many patients turn to Ayurveda for post-COVID care

We intend to give relief in your suffering, healing in pain and add trust in Ayurveda, the Indian way of healing ! 

The offer is extended to people living in Gurgaon city limits as of now. 

Ayurveda at Home

Is a service in which we provide Ayurvedic Therapies at the comfort of your home.

The Ayurveda therapies provided at Home. 

  • It is Safe -All our Therapist Carry Negative RTPCR tests or Vaccination Certificates.
  • It is Safe – You do not need to visit our centres and there is no need to travel.
  • It is Time Saving – We travel to you, you don’t need to travel. Consult us from home.
  • 100% Hygienic – We main utmost quality oriented and Hygienic Practices.
  • Focus on you – Our motto is to heal you with Ayurveda
  • Promoting the Indianness – Ayurveda is Age Proven Indian Medical Science
  • Secure – Ayurveda is therapeutic Medical Science with almost zero side effects.

Cost of the Therapies-

It is recommended that one take minimum of 3 therapies before expecting visible changes. Using the Ayurveda at home services for Therapeutic Pain Relief, one pays as follows –

1st Therapy – You pay Rs. 3300

2nd Therapy – You pay Rs. 2800

3rd Therapy – You pay Rs. 2500

4th Therapy onwards – You pay Rs.2200 

Call us to know for offers.

Services are offered for Ayurveda at Home – 

Back Pain Relief

Knee Pain relief

Stress and Anxiety

Body Pain Relief

Migraine Relief

Sinusitis Relief

Relief from Post COVID Symptoms –Click here

Kairali Ayurveda Group 

Kairali Ayurveda is one of the best and most well-known Ayurveda Services provider in the country. With legacy coming from 4 generations of Ayurveda Vaidyas and Doctors, Kairali has a proven track record of delivering Therapeutic relief with Ayurveda for those who do not wish to get operated or need to get operated. Kairali offers Ayurveda Wellness and Therapeutic Care from its multiple Ayurevda Clinics from across India and Globe.

To Know More About Kairali Ayurveda Group, click here.

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