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Abhyangam – Wonder Therapy to Treat Body Pain

Abhyangam – Wonder Therapy to Treat Body Pain

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What is Abhyangam Ayurveda Massage ?

Abhyangam is a body massage therapy that uses Medicated oil to heal the body at Cellular level. The Therapy is aimed at reducing body fatigue and tiredness. 

During this therapy, the medicated oils are warmed at level where body can handle the heat. The heat reduces cellular inflammation and relaxes the muscles. The medication which are part of the medicated oils add to the strength of the muscles. The oil is applied to the whole body from the scalp to the toes.

What is Time Duration of Abhyangam Massage?

During the Massage, a person is made to lie down and oil is applied on this body. With gentle hands a rhythmic massage is done till the oil is soaked in the body. The process last for around 50-60 minutes.

What are the benefits of Abhyangam ?

The gentle massage given during the Abhyangam Therapy adds calmness, reduce stress and anxiety and gives a feeling of freshness. The Massage increases blood flow to all the part of the body normalising the blood pressure. Abhyangam increases the muscle elasticity and loosens the tight muscles. It adds to the health of the skin and is a big anti-depressant. 

The massage is offered to those who are having stress, body pain, high blood pressure, etc. You may get this ageless Ayurveda therapy at home

Depending upon the severity of pain, the oils are chosen. These may vary from Mahanarayana Oil, Narayana Oil or other Medicated Oils.  Abhyangam is highly recommended when one is suffering with anxiety and stress, sleep disorders, body fatigue or when someone is recovering from other diseases.

To book a Abhyangam Ayurveda Treatment at the comfort of home for yourself, Call us now at +919971122689 or +917428740082 

Or simply drop us a message. We will call you back.

 Frequently asked questions

  1. How Can I get Abhyangam Ayurveda Massage at Home?
    You may call on +919971122689 or +917428740082 to book your Abhyangam Ayurveda Massage.
  2. Who will give the Therapy?
    The Therapy is given by Trained Therapist who specialise in Abhyangam Ayurveda Therapy
  3. The Therapists will be male or female?
    The therapy for male patients will be done by Male therapists and therapy for female patients will be done by female therapist.
  4. Who can book a Therapy?
    The Abhyangam therapy is currently available in Gurgaon only. Anyone living in Gurgaon can book a Ayurveda therapy at home.
  5. Is the doctor consult free?
    The doctor consult is charged at Rs. 500/- but this charge is discounted from your 1st Therapy price.
  6. How is Abhyangam Therapy conducted at Home?
    The therapy is delivered by a trained therapist. If you wish to visualise the process, you may like to see out video  –
  7. What other Therapies are offered in Ayurveda at Home?
    You can Get the following Therapies 


  1. Can I visit The Ayurveda Institutes for the Therapy-
    Yes, You may visit one of our Ayurveda Institutes and get therapy there. To know about our Ayurveda Institutes and Ayurveda Therapies visit Our Page – Ayurveda Treatments 
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