Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

It seems as if everyone complains about Lower Back Pain. Lower Back pain ranges from mild and severe. Severe lower back pain can prevent you from performing daily tasks. This kind of back pain gradually develops and cause long term health problems. After some time, it starts radiating into the lower limbs. This kind of back ache is usually caused due to –

  1. Disc protrusion or disc bulge which ends up compressing the nerves. 
  2. Nerve compression due to mild traumas such as sciatica nerve getting compressed.
  3. It may also take place due to muscle spasms, which may take place due to prolonged wrong posture or wrong sleep patterns. 

Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Ayurveda –

Ayurveda offers to avoid a surgery for such pains and recommends therapies which can give relief from mild to severe back aches. These therapies which may last a few days needs to be taken with discipline. The treatment for lower back pain includes – 

  1. Detoxification:- Ayurveda notices that accumulated toxins which may have been born out of irregular daily excretion may result in increase in back pain specially in case of muscle spasms. That is why cleaning of body’s system with Panchkarma process has been termed as initiation of the treatment for back pain. It includes a medicated enema for cleaning of metabolic systems and massages to clean the toxins accumulated in muscles.
  2. Oleation or Oil Therapy for relaxation of Support Muscles :- Oleation or Abhyanga as it is known as is an Ayurveda massage that uses warm herb-infused oils. Oleation or Abhyanga relaxes the body muscles thus relieves the stress from the support muscles of lower back pain facilitating the healing of main lower back muscles. 
  3. Medicated Oil Therapy For Nerve Decompression or Katibasti -Further a process called Katibasti is administered which includes oil therapy focusing on Nerves in Lower Back and lower back vertebrae. This process which uses medicated oils, lubricates the vertebral joints and decompresses the compressed nerves. This process is in particular very useful for Nerve compression and gives a great relief from back pain.
  4. Muscle and Nerve Strengthening with Oleation with Pouches using Medicated herbs – Oleation with medicated herbs in a rhythmic movement is also known as Potli sweda or pouch massage. Potli Sweda is a hot herbal pouch. The pouch is from medical plants. The heat from the pouch works its way to through the body to restore imbalances in the nerves and muscles. 

The treatment has rejuvenating effect that improve your vertebral joints, range of motion and longevity, it relives back pain and stiffness due to sciatica, arthritis and spondylosis. This lower back treatment enhances muscle tone and strength, it minimizes stress and inflammation. We can also have similar treatment for Upper Back Pain too. 

It is recommended that any person with lower back pain be administered therapies in a good Ayurveda Hospital. A good Ayurveda institute treats a person in completion. 

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