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The concept of presenting the best doctor in any particular field itself is flawed. A doctor can be judged on multiple factors – Training, Experience by years, Experience by number of Patients, Exposure to Technology, Prognosis, etc.

A doctor in a relatively less populated city may get to see lessor number of patients despite having the best training and relatively large experience. A doctor in a large city may still end up seeing more patients despite having spent fewer years in practice. 

A doctor working at a richer hospital having access to better technology may give better results despite having worked lessor number of years. So there cannot be a singular measurement for who is being termed as Best Doctor in India. 

India is a large country and there are multiple best doctors in every field. At HBG Medical Assistance, we have used our experience of working with such Doctors and our ground knowledge acquired over the last few years to create a list of the Best Doctors in India. But there are many doctors who are not part of this list but are no less than the doctors present here. They may not feature here simply because we at HBG may not have had the opportunity to work with them. You May Like to cheque in subsequent pages –

List of The Best Doctors in India by Speciality:

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