Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa? The retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a rare genetic disorder involves in the breakdown and loss of the cells in the retina. In this eye disease the vision is loss completely and damage in the retina (back wall of the eye). Symptoms involved trouble in sight seeing at night, side vision. It is usually start from the childhood. The RP is more usually participants at the nighttime sleep compare to day time.

Ayurveda for Retinitis Pigmentosa-

In the Ayurveda, the retinitis pigmentosa is the genetic degenerative disease. This disease is incurable but it can be slowed down by the ayurvedic treatment and therapies. The ayurvedic treatment is focusing on the relieving the symptoms of the disease and slow down the progress. The treatment for the Retinitis pigmentosa will be non-surgical. It will focus of reinstating the balance between the 3 processes in the body – The Metabolic Processes (Pitta), The cell Regeneration Process (Kapha) and Flow of air, water and material in Body (Vata). 

Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa with Ayurveda-

The treatment of RP procedure is done in two stages- 

Stage 1- Purification or detoxification of Body from accumalated Toxins

Stage 2- Medical Management or Rasayana 

  1. Washing of Toxins or Virechanam- It is a purificatory procedure used in eliminating the accumulated toxins and reduces stress on optic organs. This ayurvedic treatment is greatly effective in many eye disorders. It helps to eliminate pitta related toxins in the form of inflammatory secretions.
  2. Administration of Medications from Nose or Nasyam – It is therapy, which not only cleans the nostrils and air passage in the body, but also help to get rid from the breathing issues. A the nasal passages are also connected to the optic passage, the medication also impact the entire facial cavity. It is immensely helpful for disease like cataract, sinusitis, migraines etc. In Ayurveda, nostrils are the doors to the brain.
  3. Administration of Medicated fats or Tharpana- The tharpana is also known as the kriyakalpa for eye disease in Ayurveda. The Tarpana stand for the rehydration. This therapy utilize the medicated fats (ghee). Tharpanam is basically an eye-healing method that offers cooling effect for the eyes. 
  4. Flow of Medicated Liquids on Forehead or Shirodhara- In this pouring of medicated liquids like oil, milk, buttermilk on special point of forehead. Helpful to relieve the stress and increase calmness of the mind. This eye treatment also helps in curing mental stress, nervous disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and migraine etc.
  5. Administration of Medications in eye or Nethradhara- This process include the administration of medications in the eyes with freshly medicated decoctions for strengthening the optic nerve.
  6. Administration of Medications or Rasayana -the rejuvenating Rasayana medicines help to maintain the strength of the retina and optic nerves. The patient has to repeat the both stage of treatment at the regular intervals of time.

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