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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Why receive medical treatment in India?

India offers some of the best medical treatments in the world. The private hospitals in India have an excellent reputation. India’s health care sector has sustained an enormous boom in recent years. The country is now a global health destination, with medical tourism growing by 30 per cent each year. Healthcare facilities in India are among the most cost-effective in the world with private hospitals offering treatment at a fraction of the price of those in more affluent nations. Hygiene in the private hospitals is excellent, surgical patients are screened for HIV and Hbs Ag antibodies to prevent transmission of communicable diseases and the incidence of MRSA is minimal. India has modern state-of-the-art technology and has highly skilled medical personnel with high level of surgical expertise evolved from many years of training.

2. Why choose the services by HBG Medical Assistance?

Working with HBG gives you access to more than 300 hospital units across India. It also gives access to cost effective accommodation options, transport assistance, language experts, tourism and other required concierge.

HBG provides the opinion on medical reports after discussion with many doctors for an authenticated opinion. HBG being a neutral third party, we give you real time inputs on the quality of a doctor & hospital (a hospital may never bring forth its shortcomings).

With a panel of 300 hospital units, we pick and choose best doctors and hospitals from all over India, depending upon the patient’s preferences, specification & budgetary limitations. We give you options of Hospitals and Doctors, so you may choose one of them on the basis of Hospital’s and Doctor’s Profile and Cost of treatment.

We provide an unbeatable cost of treatment after negotiating with hospitals to save money of the patients and sponsoring institutions.

We understand that each & every patient has a different requirement financially, culturally, and emotionally. With our experience of more than 6000 pt. from more than 14 countries we customize the package for each and every patient.

HBG has the largest team on ground to take care of each and every need of each and every patient. With huge number of such care managers & language experts having expertise of handling hundreds of patients coming from various countries, we bridge the cultural & language barrier, ensuring endless patient satisfaction. Accommodation, Food, Local Transport, Visa extension (If required), Ticket rescheduling (If required), Fit to fly certificate from Doctor and Tour in India all are arranged by our care managers at no extra cost to the client.

3. How do I consult a specialist in India?

You may kindly e-mail us your latest medical reports or case summary on for us to discuss it with Indian doctors & propose treatment plan with cost details. 

4. Can I personally contact the doctor in India before my visit?

Yes. We can arrange for a phone call/ Video call with your chosen doctor in India. If required, we can also arrange to connect your local doctor with the specialist in India for a consultation. This conversation also helps in planning a better treatment.

5. Is overseas surgery covered in medical or travel insurance?

Basic travel insurance will cover you for travel related matters, depending on your level of cover, but it will not cover you for surgery. You must check with your own private health insurance provider to find out if they will cover you for any surgery, as the range of cover and claimable circumstances differ depending on your individual cover and needs.

6. Are the doctors, Surgeons and hospitals qualified?

HBG has carried out all the checks necessary to ensure that our partner hospitals and their surgeons and specialists are internationally accredited, highly experienced, with safe ethical procedures, who meet the standards of care that patients expect at home.  The hospital and clinical facilities are accredited and offer the most up-to-date equipment, treatments and facilities in the world.

7. What will be the cost of treatment?

India is cheaper than all western countries and the cheapest among the frequently traveled medical tourism hubs in Asia (such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.). India offers world-class facilities along with assistance from the most qualified doctors at highly affordable and value for money prices. Our patients can expect the most competitive cost estimates from us with customized clinical management plans from accredited, reputed hospitals and healthcare facilities.

8. What happens when I arrive in India?

Our Case Manager will greet you at the airport, transport you to your accommodation or to your hospital as planned. If your plan includes going to the hospital first, you’ll be taken there, and your investigations (if required) will begin. Your pre-arranged appointment with the doctor and your treatment will commence as per scheduled. Our case manager will take you to and from hospital and visit you daily. They can take care of many of your extra needs, and ensure that you are supported end-to-end throughout your HBG experience overseas.

9. How do I make payment for my treatment in India?

Post deciding your treatment option, doctor and the hospital where you wish to get the treatment done, you would be required to pay an advance to the hospital as per the cost estimates.  HBG also provides credit & financial assistance for your medical as well as non-medical needs, if you are travelling through your insurance organization or corporate office. Though the hospitals may still extend a credit on medical bills, there are other aspects such as hotels/ Guest houses, transport and medicines. HBG finances these bills on cash and raises a bill on your good office later. Even many a times when agreement with a particular hospital do not exist, HBG still pays in advance and settles with your good office later.

10. Can I book my own accommodation and travel tickets?

Yes. With HBG you have the freedom to choose your own flights and accommodation, or choose to book through our travel partners. We do strongly recommend that you choose our accommodation providers, so that your recovery and safety can be closely monitored by our Case Manager and so that you can use our Personal Concierge, if you wish.

We have carefully selected our accommodation based upon the proximity to the hospitals, and on their reputation for customer service, modern amenities, English-speaking staff and location.

After surgery can be a confusing time, and your comfort, safety and recovery is important to us, so we’ve taken extra care to ensure that our accommodation can meet your post-surgery needs.

If you book your flights with us, our travel partner will do all of the work for you, and ensure you have the best available flights and options.

11. Who will take care of my Visa and Arrival Formalities?

To enter India, you would require a valid visa, which you can get from an Indian embassy in your country of residence. A letter stating the reason for the visit from the treating doctor, or the hospital is required for getting a medical visa. Once you have decided to travel to India for your treatment, email us your passport details and HBG will arrange for a visa invitation letter and will be sent to the embassy of your country.

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