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HBG Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd is the India’s most popular Medical Assistance and Medical Travel company . With an experience of handling over 7000 patients in last 7 years, we are very actively engaged in providing Medical Assistance to people from all over the world that choose to come to India for their Health Care Requirement.
HBG Medical Assistance is a leader in the Medical Tourism and Medical Assistance industry in India. We have our presence in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, UK & USA. We help those patients who cannot afford treatment in their home country and travel to India to avail our world class medical infrastructure. Until now, we have helped more than 7000 patients from more than 30 different countries for numerous treatments which makes us the Most popular Indian Company involved in Medical Assistance and Medical Value travel.
With a success rate of 95% HBG Medical Assistance assures to get you the best medical care in India. We very proudly tell that in HBG Medical Assistance, “Medical”  is the central word. With best prognosis in place, at our partner hospitals, we also ensure cost saving and thus it makes Economic Sense for any organisation to work with us. Trust that most of the procedures in India will be done not only at better success rates but also at much lower costs.
We have our partner network across the globe which comprises of many Individual Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Large Corporate Houses, Insurance Companies, HMOs, NGOs etc. who help patients from their homeland to avail world class medical services in India.


• Visa invitation services
• Local Transport Arrangements
• Customized treatment packages
• Accommodation and travel arrangements
• Visa Extension or related services if required
• Personalized Patient Care during the hospital stay
• Concierge services during the hospital and non-hospital stay
• No obligation on medical opinions for as many cases as you wish
• Credit Arrangement for payments after the final billing with select hospitals
• Most affordable and trusted opinion from celebrated doctors and hospitals in India
• Free escort services from the time of arrival along with warm reception at the airport


1. HBG Medical Assistance – Fair Opinion

Dealing with HBG, you are assured that you are getting an unbiased opinion about the “Medical Capabilities” of a hospital. A hospital will never say that any of their own specialty may not be good. Thus, dealing directly with hospital you will remain unsure whether the suggested doctor is good or a better option is available. To give you an example, multi-unit hospitals try to distribute their patients to meet with their “individual unit’s sales targets”. And thus they may give you an option which may not even be the best from their own group! Thus you may find the option more economical but at the same time it may not be the best!

2. HBG Medical Assistance – Single Window Option

At HBG, you are dealing with all the Hospitals in India already. Thus, you may need not get into individual agreements separately with various hospitals such as Fortis, Artemis, Shalby, BLK etc. It also means that when a patient is here, you are still getting updated on day to day basis by one single window on every aspect and you may not need to chase individually all the hospitals.

3. HBG Medical Assistance – Finance Facilities

HBG provides credit & financial assistance for your medical as well as non-medical needs, if you are travelling through your insurance organization or corporate office. Though the hospitals may still extend a credit on medical bills, there are other aspects such as hotels/ Guest houses, transport and medicines. HBG finances these bills on cash and raises a bill on your good office later. A hospital may not be able to do so. Even many a times when agreement with a particular hospital do not exist, HBG still pays in advance and settles with your good office later.

4. HBG Medical Assistance – Best Price Offered

HBG tries to negotiate on best price basis with the hospitals on each case. Still the hospital have the liberty of offering a lower price given that an Economical Variant of the surgery may be available, an Economical/Junior doctor may be available or an Economical Hospital Property may be available. HBG may want the best medical result and best services to be delivered but never chooses to compromise.

5. HBG Medical Assistance – Best Hospitals & Best Doctors under one roof

A hospital which comes to market itself directly may give you options of getting a better price deals, better doctors etc. It may ask you to deal with them directly stating a prices and services as their strength. But I must ask here how many of them have ever commented negatively for HBG? Did you ever come across a person who said HBG has ever compromised on patient care or patient services?
With High Beam Global, you will get access to the best doctors in India. These doctors work with some of the most reputed institutes in India which also incidentally are some of the best institutes in whole of Asia. They are:

  • BL Kapur Hospitals Group
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Nova Specialty Surgery
  • Fortis Hospitals group
  • Max Hospitals Group
  • Yashoda Hospital
  • Kohinoor Hospitals
  • Continental Hospitals
  • Paras Hospitals
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Centre for Sight

These hospitals today can boast of the most modern and latest technologies.

1. Oncology & Cancer Care – Advance Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Target Therapy, Regulated Therapy, SBRT, Brachytherapy, Radio Frequency Ablations and most modern surgical Oncology facilities in Brain, Lungs, Abdomen, Urology, Breast, Cervix etc.
2. Organ Transplants – Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lung and Cornea Transplants.
3. Cardiac Care – CABG, Valve Repair & Replacements, Surgical & Non-Surgical Closure of Heart Holes, Artificial Hearts, etc.
4. Orthopedic & Spine Surgery – Robotic Spinal Surgeries, Joint Surgeries (Knees, Hips, Ankles, Shoulders, Elbows)
5. Neurology & Neurosurgery – Cyber Knife for Brain tumors, Craniotomy, Management of Epilepsy / Various Palsies
6. Diabetic Surgeries – 100% cure for diabetic!!

Rest assured, we will give all your patients a “Wow Experience “

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