Medical Travel: A new era of healthcare and tourism

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medical tourism in India

Medical travel, a word now widespread can be defined as people who travel across the countries in search for medical aid or treatment.  This sector is having two lively segments: one of people who travel for rejuvenation and second where people are travelling in search of affordable medical care.

The first segment is related to travelling and luxury whereas, the second segment is where the tourism industry is now moving as this segment is directly related to affordable health and revenue.

As we all are moving so fast in this 21st century, so with the growing technology there is now a rapid growth in awareness among the people about the diseases and their appropriate medical cure.  Thus, this has lead to increase in demand for good quality healthcare services. People are now ready to travels miles in terms of getting quality healthcare.

The global demand for healthcare services is on rise, driven by multiple demographic factors, such as longevity and high birth rate. So the sector of medical travel is making a lot of travellers to go to the countries which are providing affordable healthcare.

The factors making medical value travel as an effective and efficient solution are:

  1. Affordability and cost effectiveness
  2. High Quality Healthcare
  3. Immediate Service
  4. Travel Opportunity
  5. Improved Communication services

India receives medical tourists from across the globe, however developing and underdeveloped countries form a major portion of the pie.

India is a convenient option for healthcare because of its physical proximity and similarity in culture, food and language.

So, with growing medical travel, India is becoming a preferable choice of Foreign Tourists who are traveling for healthcare, as India provides affordable and quality healthcare.

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