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India-Kenya Relations- Indian PM pledges to support development of Kenya’s healthcare sector

Indian PM pledges to support the development of Kenya’s healthcare sector.

“I understand that Kenya would like to replicate the Indian experience in Medicare and become a medical hub in the region, we would be happy to support you in this process”. – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India on his visit to Kenya.

Kenya is a valued friend and trusted partner of India. The time-tested bonds between the two countries are long-standing, rich and built on the foundation of shared values and shared experiences.

At the invitation of Kenyan President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi paid a State Visit to Kenya on 10th to 11th July 2016. This was the first prime ministerial visit from India to Kenya in 35 years.

“I assure Kenya that India will always work to strengthen your processes & enrich your resources.” –  Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

Besides signing a number of bilateral agreements between two countries in several sectors i.e. Trade, Defence cooperation, Space, Agriculture, Cooperation in the NHPDM projects, and Combating Terrorism, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the pledge to develop Kenya’s Health care, especially for cancer treatment.

To bring quality and affordable cancer treatment much closer to Kenyan citizens in Kenya, India Pledged to:

  • Hand over a Bhabhatron, a state-of-the-art made in India cancer therapy machine, to the Kenyatta National Hospital.
  • Work on Joint Health Research Programmes.
  • Supply essential affordable drugs to Kenya through the India-Africa Fund.
  • Built a cancer hospital in Kenya to provide quality and affordable healthcare.
  • Hand over 30 field ambulances to the Kenya Defence Forces

Cancer is among the top killers in Kenya and also one of the most expensive to manage. Every year about 40,000 new cancer cases are reported in Kenya, but only a few hospitals have the capacity to offer treatment, thereby uplifting the healthcare sector. Many Kenyans fly every year to seek comprehensive treatment in INDIA; which is a highly rated and respected medical tourism destination worldwide since ancient times.

Though concerned facilities take a few months to operationalize, till then India and HBG Medical Assistance will continue to serve patients from Kenya in wonderful hospitals of India. Kindly feel free to discuss medical issues with your friends and family with us at absolutely no obligation.

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