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Israeli physicians are exceptionally well-trained and have a bent of mind towards research. The academically oriented medical fraternity promotes research work. As a result in recent past Israel has developed path breaking Cancer Therapies and have gained much reputation across the world.

Effective cancer treatment often depends on several different types of specialists working together. You’ll find this sort of cooperation in Israel. For example, if you’re suffering from melanoma, you may have dermatologists, oncologists, immunologists, researchers, and support staff on your treatment team, all working in concert. Israeli specialists, medical institutions, equipment, and procedures are among the most advanced in the world.

Some of the new advancements for cancer treatments in Israel are as follows- 

  1. For Breast cancer :- Israel has developed Cryoablation technique it’s a revolutionary minimal technique to freeze cancerous tumours that only requires a local anaesthesia. A special solvent at a temperature of -274 degrees Fahrenheit is inserted into the cancerous tumour to freeze it, making the cancer cell inactive and enabling the body to dispense with it as it does with other dead cells naturally within a few weeks. Till now, breast cancer was treated with surgery, chemotherapy and Radiation but Cryoablation technique has come out as a big break from the traditional ways for treating breast cancers. 
    Only a minimal scar remains in the tissue while no other trace is left on the remainder of the body or organs. Most patients can be treated within one hour with cryoablation therapy and in some cases even within just ten to fifteen minutes, allowing them to go home the same day or the following day. It is a shortest treatment for Breast Cancers. 
  2. Gene therapy for Cancers – Gene Therapy of Gene mutation Therapy replaces a faulty gene or adds a new gene in an attempt to cure cancer as a disease and improves your body’s ability to fight cancers. Gene therapy holds promise for treating a wide range of diseases including many type of cancers with genetic origin. The Gene Therapy or Gene Mutation Therapy not only treats cancer but has also come up with a big hope for Genetically disposed patients. Such people who have family history of cancers are biggest beneficiary of Gene Mutation Therapy. During this Therapy, the doctors identify the gene responsible for cancer and replaces it with a healthy gene. 
  3. Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy – CAR-T Therapy, is a recently developed process of cancer immunotherapy aimed at fighting certain kinds of cancers by extracting the patient’s own T Cells and genetically modify them to produce new receptors that can recognize cancer cells and allow them to launch an attack. T Cells are immune system cells whose job it is to kill invading pathogens and developing cancers. This Therapy is in particular getting widely used in treating relapsed blood cancers known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. The Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy is also recommended if the initial bone marrow transplant therapy has failed to treat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and the blood cancer has reoccurred. 
  4. Auto-immunotherapy TIL:- One of the newest methods to fight Melanoma is TIL therapy. This method has recently been adapted to treat metastatic Melanoma or Skin Cancer as it is known as, and aims to enhance the activity of the patient’s immune system against malignant cancer cells. During this treatment, the patient’s lymphocytes are added to the natural immune system to kill the cancer (melanoma). During this treatment Tumour infiltrating Cells from Skin Cancer Tissue which is removed during surgery is taken, Multiplied and Activated in the laboratory. Then these cells are administered to the patient together with biological  using Interleukin-2 proteins. This is very latest treatment protocol developed to treat Skin Cancer or Melanomas

HBG Medical Assistance  with special agreement with Hadasaah Hospital in Jerusalem, arranges for this treatment to be offered to patient across the globe. Hadasaah University Hospital is one of the leading institutes to offer cancer treatments. Israel is redefining cancer treatment with its path breaking research. 

To avail this treatment, you may like to write to us at or drop a message to us at +917506405503 and we will call you back.

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