Leukemia treatment in India at affordable costs

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Leukemia treatment in India-cancer treatment in India

Highly qualified doctors and affordable treatment options make Leukemia treatment in India the most sought after treatment option for patients suffering from leukaemia.

Common Leukaemia definition

Bone marrow is the production house of our stem cells. It produces stem cells such as erythrocytes (Red blood cells), leukocytes and lymphocytes (White blood cells), plasma cells and more. Leukaemia is the condition in which the production and functioning of stem cells are affected. The normal cell development is affected by abnormally grown stem cells. All these kinds of cancer are developed in the bone marrow. In this condition blood stops from doing any of its functions like fighting anti bodies and serious bleeding.

Classification of Leukaemia

Broadly leukaemia is divided into two categories i.e. acute leukaemia and chronic leukaemia.

Acute leukaemia

The rapid growth of immature blood stems is known as acute leukaemia. When the Crowding of these immature blood cells crowd the bone marrow healthy blood cells cannot be produced.Acute leukaemia is the form, which is generally found in children.

Chronic leukaemia

Chronic leukaemia is generally the condition when white blood cells are produced at much higher rate. Unlike acute leukaemia chronic leukaemia is not treated immediately and is monitored for some time for the effectiveness of the therapy.

Process of leukaemia treatment

Leukaemia cure is more of achieving a goal rather than just a treatment. There are many advanced treatments for leukaemia. Watchful waiting, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, biological therapy and stem cell transplants. A specialist group of haematologist and oncologists treat patients with leukaemia. Good news is that the survivorship in leukaemia has comparatively increased in the last decade in India due to advanced technology and facilities.

India, for leukaemia treatment

India is one of the most sought after treatment destinations for leukaemia. The cost for leukaemia treatment in India varies by its severity and therapies included. Generally the cost of chemotherapy or radiation therapy is 7000USD-8000USD.

Leukaemia cancer can attack any healthy person. As there is no certain leukaemia cause for this disease its always prevention is better than cure for this disease. Saying goodbye to carcinogenic ingredients from your life too can help you staying heathy. The good news is that leukaemia cure rate in India is growing higher due to advancement of technology and innovative atmosphere.

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