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India Opens Gradually for Medical Travel

India Opens Gradually for Medical Travel

India has initiated to open its boundary for patients from aboard. Slowly, but gradually patients from overseas has started to plan their travel to India. Though, there are some additional requirements but Indian hospitals and Indian Medical Travel companies are assisting the patients to overcome all hurdles.In the new process, apart from a VISA Invite, the Indian Hospitals are also required to issue a letter from the Treating Doctor who ratifies the patient’s urgent need of travel for a lifesaving treatment. Further, a special appointment with Indian Embassy will be required, as the regular visa practices are on hold given the COVID Situation.Patients will also need to ensure that they are well in position to secure an air ticket in available flights. Currently, India is running limited flights between select destinations. Some of the airliners have started taking patients. These initially include the bubble routes created by Ministry of Aviation of India. But hopefully by end September, many of the routes will open for regular flights, provided the world, India or The Country from where the travel initiates do not witness any more COVID spikes.The patient will need to seek a COVID test within 96 hours of flight and will be allowed to board if the test is negative. Upon arrival, if there is no symptom, they may go straight to hospitals and if they are symptomatic, they may be asked to go for a 7 day’s quarantine in designated quarantine hotel and the COVID test will be repeated. The same rule will apply for medical attendant also.When some of the patients were briefed on above process, they were more than willing to abide by the protocol. They mentioned, indeed the process will take some extra efforts but at least a life could be saved by offering a timely treatment. Simply waiting back at home in absence of treatment is not leading them anywhere. Also, the extra norms are for the safety of population at large.As, we still wait for an official communication from the government on opening of visas to India, these are purely our understanding of the situation based on accumulated ground reports and based on experience of patients who have arrived recently in India for their treatment.  To travel to India, You may like to contact us at

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