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Glad to share that HBG Medical Assistance helped a 4.5 Months baby- Amgad Madgi Altag from Sudan for Arterial Switch Surgery in India. The Cardiac Surgery was performed by one of our best Surgeon- Dr. Sushant Srivastava at BLK Hospitals.

Amgad Madgi - HBG medical assistance facilitates successful cardiac surgery

Baby Amgad was diagnosed with TGA (Transportation of the Great Arteries) which is congenital heart defect. His parents approached HBG and travelled to India. Post ECHO and other investigations, it was found that the baby had considerably left ventricle and no longer thought to be capable of of pumping in systemic circulation.

Dr. Sushant Srivastava  suggested Arterial Switch Surgery and it was performed successfully with only three incisions ; 2 incisions in the wall of right and left Arteria and 1 in the Arterial Septum. The surgery ensured that the blood from superior vena cava ( SVC) and Inferior Vena Cava( IVC)  is diverted into the left Ventricle and the pulmonary artery and oxygenated pulmonary venous blood is diverted into the right ventricle and Aorta. During the surgery patient was put on the Heart and Lungs Machine and cooled at 28 degree.

Post-surgery Patient recovered very well and baby was discharged from Hospital on 8th post-operative day. During the follow up, the child improved dramatically and gained weight . Post needful recuperation the child travelled back with parents all in smile having successfully gone through a rare heart surgery.

Complex congenital heart disease requires precise early diagnosis and complex surgery. If timely Surgery is done, Results are gratifying.

HBG Medical Assistance is working in association with all leading hospitals in India and provides the finest healthcare facilities. We bridge the gap between Indian Health Care and the rest of the world – Serving in Africa, the Middle East, CIS and Western World. HBG stands for each and every patient traveling through them – It guardians, It advocates and It ensures.

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