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HBG – India’s fastest growing Healthcare brand

HBG is a leader in the Medical Tourism and Medical Assistance industry in India. Popularly known as High Beam Global, the company is a leading Medical Assistance and Medical Travel company in India. It is the fastest growing healthcare brand. In a period of around 6 years, the company has a proven track record experience of handling over 5000 patients successfully. The working people of HBG have been actively engaged in providing Medical Assistance to people from all over the world that choose to come to India for their Health Care Requirement.

With a growth rate that is higher than Industry Growth rates, HBG is expanding its services across the globe world. HBG Medical Assistance is a company that has involved and dedicated to delivering quality and affordable healthcare to people from the world over coming to India in need of medical care and specialty treatment. It has its strong presence in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan, Uzbekistan, Oman, and Iraq. HBG helps those patients who cannot afford treatment in their home country and travel to India to avail its world-class medical infrastructure.

Having believed in collaboration, HBG has a large partnership network across the globe which comprises many Individual Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Large Corporate Houses, Insurance Companies, HMOs, and NGOs, etc. who help patients from their homeland to avail themselves world-class medical services in India.

HBG Medical Assistance is working in association with all leading hospitals in India and to provide the finest healthcare facilities.  HBG stands for each and every patient traveling through them – It guardians, It advocates and It ensures.

Solution/Product Offerings / Business

It bridges the gap between Indian Health Care and the rest of the world. With the help of a team, HBG reaches out to the developing world outside India and introduces them to the development that India has achieved in Health Care. Through Business associates, Networked Doctors, and Clients that HBG has in 12 countries, it gives the option of treatment in India to the patients who cannot voila treatment in their home country due to the absence of Infrastructure or High Costs. HBG provides them treatment through its provider hospitals at lower costs, the better quality of infrastructure, and doctors, with utmost assistance in planning the travel and as a guardian throughout the travel.

Till date, HBG has collaborated with more than 400 relationships with clients across the countries and served the services successfully. Some of its big brand clients are Travel City of Oman, Resolution Insurance of Kenya, and Ace Medicare Clinics of Nigeria.

Behind the remarkable job of having a well-satisfied patients list of over 5000 patients, HBG has a proud and well-trained team of skilled and expert consultants and Case managers. The team with continuous Training and up-gradation reaches out to more and more patients daily bearing the Flag of the country and the company very high.

To assist each and every patient HBG Medical Assistance provides Visa invitation services, Local Transport Arrangements, Customised treatment packages, Accommodation, and travel arrangements, and Personalised Patient Care during the hospital stay.

Major Milestones of HBG

The company has been a leading achiever of phenomenal milestones. HBG has played a major part in Advantage Health care India show in 2015. As per provided services to a large community along with the globe approach, it has a very large international insurance portfolio.

But beyond this, the biggest achievement of HBG is to bring a pattern to the chaos. Today, HBG has created a lot of followers when it comes to doing business. Today a lot of professionals trained at HBG are adding value to the industry.

President and Director

Mr. Abhik Moitra (Director)

Mr. Abhik Moitra is the director of HBG Medical Assistance Private Limited. A Management Graduate, Mr. Moitra, with 20+ years of work experience, has served in a number of companies including brands as the likes of Nestle, ITC India, ICICI Bank, and Artemis Healthcare. He is now utilizing his experience and potential to promote India as a health care destination through his company High Beam Global.

Having moved from the banking sector to the healthcare sector, he has showcased his leadership skills in making High Beam Global a brand to reckon with. In April 2010, he laid the foundation of the Company – HBG Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd. The company is gaining heights in the medical tourism and assistance sector day to day under his dynamic and charismatic leadership. He also is an author of symbiosis institute for their medical tourism courses.

Nandita Gupta 

Nandita Gupta is an alumni of Symbiosis Institute where she was trained in Hospital management. She has worked through the Asian Heart Institute and Metro Group of Hospitals to learn the ropes of the Health Care Industry. Currently, she is a Director In charge of Business and leads the company from the front in Business Development.

She is a passionate and a perfectionist and always strives to improve upon the processes and policies. The industry sees her as a go-to person for her inputs in the field of Medical Tourism and Medical assistance.

Source: The CEO Magazine, Month: September 2016

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