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AAR partners with Indian firm to offer better Healthcare

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HBG Medical Assistance is India’s most popular Medical Assistance Company and has been a preferred solutions provider to Insurance Companies in East Africa.

In a bid for more people to access medical care, AAR medical group has partnered with India’s largest medical insurance group High Beam Global (HBG) to improve medical services in the region.

“We have partnered with HBG Medical Assistance Company to provide our clients with access to world class medical facilities in India as we continue to enlighten them about chronic care management to reduce on the statistic of non-communicable diseases that are crippling our healthcare system,” AAR General Manager Trevor Ariho said.

Ariho noted that the cost of health care is very expensive in the region, adding that the partnership will make treatment affordable.

“With this formidable partnership between leading Indian Healthcare Companies, AAR Health Services wishes to build the most appropriate healthcare delivery option for its clients in Uganda and other countries in the region,” Ariho stressed.

HBG Medical Assistance is India’s most popular Medical Assistance Company and has been a preferred solutions provider to Insurance Companies in East Africa. In India, HBG is networked with more than 30 renowned hospital chains with more than 300 hospital units across India to provide a complete range of Healthcare Solutions.

Paras Hospitals super specialize in specialties such as Cardiac Care, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Cancer Surgeries, Metabolic Surgeries and Gynecology.

Abhik Moitra President and Director HBG group applauded AAR for the partnership, saying Ugandan patients will now get access to best doctors in India.

He noted that India is rapidly becoming the hub for global health care and medical tourism. The waiting time is very low for treatment in India and the cost of treatment is less than 60% the cost of same treatment in country like USA and UK.

HBG will cover cardiac surgery, renal transplant, gastric, banding and joint replacements are some of the treatments which are cost effective when treated in India.

Moitra also noted that the main challenge they have is lack of infrastructure to support equipment distribution in order to build capacity and provide medical assistance to those who can’t be treated here in Uganda,”

Dr. Vineet Surana (Chief Endocrinologist) from Paras Hospitals said chronic diseases are on increase and they are looking forward to working with developing countries to build capacity of health infrastructure needed to improve specialised services.

“Chronic conditions are estimated to cause more than 60% of all deaths worldwide (up to 35 million in 2005). More than 80% of these deaths occur in the developing world.” These regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), suffer not only from an increase in non-communicable diseases, but also– and still–from communicable diseases.

The rise of chronic conditions places new long-term demands on health care systems. This situation becomes particularly acute in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Not only does this region have the highest burden of disease, it also has the weakest health systems and workforces, as well as the lowest per capita income.

It has been shown that the poorest people have the highest risk of developing a chronic condition, and that they are the least able to cope with a chronic disease.

Source: New Vision, Dated: February 16, 2016 | AAR Insurance, Dated: February 22, 2016

HBG Medical Assistance is working in association with all leading hospitals in India and provides the finest healthcare facilities. We bridge the gap between Indian Health Care and the rest of the world – Serving in Africa, the Middle East, CIS and Western World. HBG stands for each and every patient traveling through them – It guardians, It advocates and It ensures.

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