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HBG extends its wings in Oman – Ties up with Lama Polyclinic in Muscat

By September 14, 2016 October 1st, 2020 No Comments
HBG-Lama-Polyclinic tie up.jpg

HBG Medical Assistance extends its wings in Oman

  • In bilateral agreement, HBG and Lama Polyclinic decides to assist patient from Oman by
    creating diagnostic infrastructure, rehabilitation, center and Mother & Child clinic in times to
  • The agreement includes the transfer of those patients who currently needs expert care in India.
    But in a long term the joint venture aims at providing the best possible healthcare at the
    doorsteps of patients in Oman
HBG Medical Assistance is working in association with all leading hospitals in India and provides the finest healthcare facilities. We bridge the gap between Indian Health Care and the rest of the world – Serving in Africa, the Middle East, CIS and Western World. HBG stands for each and every patient traveling through them – It guardians, It advocates and It ensures.

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