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Abhik Moitra: Redefining the Healthcare Policies

A profound leader Mr. Abhik Moitra

Leadership is driven by excellence. A profound leader making sound decisions is the one who brings the best out of people and the business. Striving for success in all domains and ventures, a true leader is one who supports and uplifts the subordinates in such a way, that enhances the collective growth. This is very important when it comes to keeping up with the dynamics of the healthcare space in India.  Making a difference in the healthcare sector is an arduous task. However, by virtue of his unending persistence, Mr. Abhik Moitra has proven himself to be a major game-changer in the healthcare paradigm of the country.

The Genesis

The professional journey of Mr. Moitra is all started in the year 1996 and from that year every day is just adding fuel to the growing flames. Having vast working experience in various companies, he currently runs his own organization—HBG Medical Assistance.

Before venturing into the healthcare sector, he worked for 4 years in Nestle (as Sales officer in upcountry Rajasthan) and later worked for ITC. After spending 6 years in FMCG, he came across an opportunity to work for ICICI Bank. He was leading the company for almost 6 years.

Mr. Moitra actual healthcare journey began with Artemis Hospitals where he led the International Marketing team. And, with the support from Management, he made the company widely known in International Markets. This all took him on the success highway.

Fast forward, in the year 2010, Mr. Moitra began with his entrepreneurial journey. He started a small company by the name ‘High Beam Global’, which was later rechristened ‘HBG Medical Assistance’. With Skills acquired in FMCG, Banking and Healthcare, this small start shaped up into HBG Medical Assistance—India’s most popular medical Assistance company.

Source of Motivation

Behind every extraordinary achievement there are extraordinary efforts. With all the trusted team members and Abhik’s family, who have always have stood by his side in all thick and thins; the/his entrepreneurial journey took shape. “Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it has its own ups and down. But my team and my family have never allowed me to rest on my achievements. They have always push me to do more and have motivated me to be limitless.” says Mr. Moitra. Further, he also says, “My second source of motivation is my immense trust in God.”

A Stroke of Genius

Mr. Moitra’s journey has been very appealing over the years. He has been awarded the Medical Facilitator of the Year Award by FICCI and Ministry of Commerce for the year 2017, 2018 and stood as a runners up for the year 2019. He has been listed in “100 most impactful healthcare leaders’ Global Listing” by World Health and Wellness Congress.

Also, the company got a NABH accreditation. Launching the world’s 1st-second opinion portal in association with AAR insurance of Uganda is a big achievement off the stage. But one thing that stands out is assisting 7000+ lives to gain back their health. This tells its tremendous ability to choose the right doctor for each and every patient.

The challenges

“The biggest challenge that we face is, our biggest beneficiary is also our biggest competitor,” says Mr. Moitra. Hospitals treat the patients and without them, their services may not exist. “We as Medical Value Travel Company act as distribution arms for these hospitals. But at times, instead of working together, the hospitals compete and we end up being on 2 sides,” he added further.

Making a Difference

As a responsible human, Abhik has the plan to make a policy for all private healthcare players who have more than 750 beds to have 20% of their tertiary care beds in tier 3 cities. This will help the doctors and nurses to find employment in those cities and reverse migrations from bigger cities. This will also help patients from these smaller cities to get affordable healthcare next doors. Additionally, it will free up capacity in the bigger hospitals of major cities.

Further, to make) Medical Value Travel (MVT business as a sizable industry in India, the MVT players need to be given importance by the government and needs to get involved in policy-related discussions. Also, he would be working harder for a better policy towards promoting organ donations.

Healthcare Right Now

The current healthcare scenario in India is evolving at its best. With the Government policies ensuring that healthcare needs to be in reach of each and every citizen, the industry has been forced to think differently. The hospitals will now need to focus more on high margin businesses like Medical Value Travel to cross-subsidize for low margin verticals.

As Medical Value Travel, gives the highest per bed per night revenue, the hospitals will need to leverage the opportunity of medical tourism. The government has been extending all support by including Medical Tourism as one of the champion sectors and allocating budgets to promote it.

Words of Wisdom

“Our Vedic books have some great answers to some very complex scientific questions. You will find answers to unsolved healthcare mysteries in Ayurveda and possibly in Rigveda. It is also our duty towards our nation to promote our national treasures of Ayurveda. So my advice to science enthusiasts is study the books of Ayurveda and amalgamate the same with modern science. Ayurveda needs you as much as you need Ayurveda. My plea to health-tech entrepreneur remains – don’t do things simply because you like the idea, work on the applicability and acceptability of the idea first.”

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