India: A Most Popular Destination in the World for Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeries

HBG Medical Assistance – India’s Largest Medical Assistance Company has been playing the most important role over 6 years in arranging Orthopaedic and Joint replacement Surgery for international patients in India. When it comes to treating any kind of Orthopaedic Disorders, HBG services are considered one of the best in the world today.

HBG in association with the best Ortho Care Hospitals in India and best Orthopaedic & joint surgeons of India provides orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeries in accordance with international norms and standards. HBG’s empanelled Orthopaedic Surgery Facilitation Hospitals in India are absolutely identical to the level of the European standard and carry quality certificates by JCINIAHONABH and ISO; however our prices are below are most affordable for any joint replacement surgeries treatment in India. HBG’s associated Ortho Care Hospitals are not only equipped with the latest technology, but also have a team of Orthopaedics and joint surgery specialists who possess all the traditional, modern and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, the leader of every surgical team trained and worked for a long time in the US, Western Europe and Australia, as well as qualified to work both abroad and in India.

HBG Esteemed Panel of Orthopaedics and joint surgery specialists who make us the best medical assistance company of India for Orthopaedic & Joint Treatments.

Pradip Sharma

Dr Pradip Sharma

Dr. Gautam Zaveri

Dr. Gautam Zaveri