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Permanent Cure for Prostate Cancer

We have always been asked whether there is a permanent cure for Prostate Cancer? The answer to this question is not easy. The treatment and outcome of any treatment depend on so many factors.

If the cancer is diagnosed well in time, that is, if there is early detection, then there is definitely a very high chance, that we will be able to administer a treatment that can see the end of the medical problem. Solutions such as; we can do a surgery to excise the tumour which is in early-stage and as seen in the majority of the cases, cancer may not come back. Then there are therapies that are very effective even in relatively advanced prostate cancers. Many doctors now administer hormone therapies after the surgery is administered.
This too has seen as remarkable assurance towards any chances of relapse.

But we at HBG Medical Assistance have seen many patients who come to us with advanced-stage cancer. Sometimes, these cases are locally advanced and sometimes they have metastasized to the spine and other organs. Even in such cases, with good treatment protocols, we have seen survival rates of 5 years and above.

We have received cases in this category of staging from countries such as Nigeria. Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan, etc where the incidence rate of Prostate cancer is very high. In most of these countries, the main issue that we have observed is that of late detection which has resulted in cases advancing to the next stage. Luckily at HBG Medical Assistance, we have access to some of the best doctors in the world, latest available technology which
includes the likes of Proton Therapy and of course some superlative infrastructure to assist the patients in the best manners.

In the rarest of the rare cases, where the case has advanced beyond treatment, some of our patients who agreed to experiment with therapies under experiment have seen tremendous success. Just to give example, the therapy called EXACTA is a therapy aimed at treating stage 4 cancers (solid tumors only). This miraculous therapy has witnessed patients recovering from end-stage cancers.

So yes, Prostate cancer can be treated permanently, if detected in the early stages. But even in
late stages, it can be treated with high success to increase long-term survival chances
provided handled by experts. In fact, we can proudly claim that out of 7000+ treatments
delivered for International patients in India by HBG Medical Assistance in India, we have
observed success rates of 99+ %!

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