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Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

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prostate cancer surgery in India

Prostate cancer surgery:

Surgery for prostate cancer is done to remove it if it has not spread outside the prostate gland. Radical prostatectomy is a widely used surgical procedure for prostate cancer treatment. In this process, the entire prostate gland is removed along with some lateral tissue. The lateral tissues are removed to check if cancer is spread to those areas.

There are two ways of conducting prostate cancer surgery.

  1. Open surgery
  2. Laparoscopic surgery

Depending upon several aspects like age, the severity of cancer cells, and the lifestyle of the patient there are various techniques of removal of prostate cancer.

1-Nerve sparing surgery

This prostate cancer surgery is applicable for patients where the surgeon thinks the prostate is only limited to the gland.

2-Laparoscopic surgery

In this technique, the whole prostate gland is removed along with lateral tissue

3-Robotic surgery for prostate cancer

In robot prostate surgery the surgery is done as the name indicates. This surgery turns out to be accurate along with less post-surgical pain.

Who can be considered for prostate cancer surgery?

Patients under the age of 75 are considered for prostate surgery. At least 10 years of further life expectancy is required for prostate cancer surgery to be done. Another criterion is that the cancer is limited to only the prostate.

 Life post-surgery

If the cancer is limited to only the prostate gland the chance of life expectancy increases up to 10 years. In case the cancer is spread beyond the gland then further therapies are recommended.

Recovery time and cost

People who are visiting India for prostate cancer treatment should have at least two weeks’ time in their hands. They need to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days post-surgery. A regular check-up with the doctor is a must to be sure about cancer not returning.


The prostate cancer surgery cost in India is affordable and varies according to the locality and facilities.

Prostate cancer causes can be varied but India provides the best cure!

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