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Aster Medcity, was build keeping in mind the travel of international patients to India. The entire philosophy and infrastructure is designed keeping in mind the patient traveling to India from abroad. It is located right on the bank of the river and back waters in Kochi. It has a very picturesque location and an equally beautiful infrastructure. Keeping up with the need of Medical travellers from all over the world, it houses the most advanced technology for diagnostics and therapeutics. Given the international vision, the best of the doctors from the region practice at the centre completing the 3 pillar needed for any world class hospital – Skill Sets, Technology and Infrastructure.
Aster Medcity has drawn some of the best brains from world over to work for itself. Most of the doctors have extremely nourished experience and some of the best education in their fields. The hospital has been quite popular amongst Arabic patients traveling from countries like Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arabs. These patient are traveling for treatment of Cancer, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgeries and Neurosurgeries etc.Now, it is gaining equal popularity in patients from Africa, specially patients from Christian back ground. The City Kochi is known for its churches and the hospital has many churches at walking distance from the hospital.

Locations – Aster Medcity Hospital is present in -Kochi, Bangalore and Calicut. 

Main Departments 

Aster Medcity Hospital has following main departments-

  1. Renal Sciences – Aster Centre of Excellence in Renal sciences – Read More about Kidney Transplant in India – Click here
  2. Oncology Treatments – Aster Centre of Excellence in Oncology –Read more about Cancer Treatment in India – click here
  3. Infertility Treatment – Aster Centre of excellence in Obsterics & Gynaecology – Read more about IVF Procedure in India – click here
  4. Neuro Sciences – Aster Centre of Excellence in Neuro Sciences – Read more about Neurosurgery in India – Click Here
  5. Paediatric Cardiac Treatments – Aster Centre of Excellence in Child & Adolescent Health –Read More about Cardiac surgeries In India- Click here
  6. Spine Treatments – Aster Centre of Excellence in Spine –Read more about spine surgeries in India – Click here
  7. Orthopedic Treatments – Aster Centre of Excellence in Orthopedics – Read more about Knee Replacement in India – click here

 Important News about the hospital –

The Times of India – June 26, 2021 – Cancer survivor gives birth using frozen embryo, A unique IVF procedure. 

APN News – April, 2021 – Aster Medcity performs Leadless Pacemaker Procedure an amazing Cardiac Procedure 


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