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Does Robotic surgery help in Prostate Cancer treatment?

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Does Robotic surgery help in Prostate Cancer treatment?

Also known as Da Vinci surgery, robotic surgery is a way of doing surgery for prostate cancer. It is a type of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery where a surgeon does the surgery with the help of a special machine addressed as a robot. This special machine first came in the year 2000 and doctors need to have special training before they can carry out robotic surgery. The surgery basically involves two types of machine – patient unit and control unit. The surgery also results in less bleeding with a shorter stay at hospital.


The robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses finely controlled robotic instruments with total safety of the patient. While the surgeon sits at the console to perform the surgery, he controls the robotic device which has high-resolution cameras and micro-surgical instruments. The robotic surgery as compared to laparoscopic surgery or any other type of surgery turns in all directions with ninety degrees of articulation and seven degrees of freedom. During the surgery, the delicate prostate nerves that control bladder and sexual function are not affected by the device.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

● With robotic surgery, a surgery could be the most effective choice to treat the prostate cancer. It reduces the risk of infections as the size of the incision(s) used is smaller as compared to the traditional procedures. The risk of complications get reduced.

● The favourable sizes of the incisions used during surgery also helps in healing quicker. Therefore, quicker recovery period is expected.

● The surgery provides the surgeon with a revolutionary, three-dimensional, multi-level magnification spectrum. Hence, the clinical results are superior.

● Unlike a traditional prostatectomy which produces significant scarring, robotic surgery results in minimal scarring due to the precision of the treatment.

● An ergonomically designed console for the Surgeon enables him to view a 3-D image of the operative site. The robotic system is able to perform exactly as the surgeon’s motions.

The robotic surgery is indeed a revolutionary improvement on prostate cancer treatment as well as a modern and best choice for you.

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